Hadley: Poor GuyMature

It was about a week later, and roughly a week til Christmas, and as we were snuggling on the couch, the continuous buzzing coming from near the door made it clear that someone wanted to be in this apartment. Maxxie was doing his best to ignore the buzzing.

"I think someone want to see you, doll" I said sleepily.

"Dun wanna move" he sounded equally as sleepy.

I yawned a little "Want me to get it?"

He kissed me. "I'll get it" he said, getting up and shuffling over to the door phone thing. Whatever it’s called. He listened to whoever was downstairs and then covered the phone’s mic, looking at me.

"It's John" he said, obviously not amazingly happy about it.

I attempted to hide a frown. "What does he want?"

"I'm not sure, he's babbling like a hysterical lunatic"

I flashed Maxxie a sort of concerned look and he kind of sighed.

“John, what d'you want? Try speaking, y'know, clearly"

Maxxie hung up the phone after a while and grabbed his key, clearly not very happy about the snuggling being disturbed. He went downstairs to see him and I ended up being paranoid the entire time he was gone. He came back with John after a while, flashing me an apologetic look. John was shaking a little. That’s not worrying at all.

Maxxie went into the kitchen to make him a coffee. "Want one, Hadley?"

"Sure" I said, watching John with a worried look on my face.

Maxxie made a coffee for all of us and sat John at the other end of the couch before settling on the floor in front of me and John. "What's going on, John?"

John sort of mumbled something to himself.

"Didn't catch that"

"I want you" he mumbled a little louder.

Maxxie was kind of taken aback and John’s breath hitched in his throat.

"You're the only person that'll even talk to me"

Maxxie bit his lip a little. "Look, I'm willing - despite everything that's happened - to try and be your friend, but I can't be anything more.Sorry, John"

He hugged his knees to his chest. "I'm lonely, Maxxie"

Maxxie’s face twisted into a sad expression. "I know. I don't know what else I can do about that, though"

"I want Beau back" John mumbled and Maxxie sighed.

"I know you do. I can try and talk to her if you want, but I doubt she'll listen to me"

John didn’t really seem to be paying attention, hugging his knees more. "I haven't slept in days"

Maxxie rubbed his temples and had a look on his face that said he was about to say he was well aware that he’d regret. "You can stay here for the night, if you need to. If it's okay with Hadley"

"S'fine with me" I shrugged a little.

"I can't do it. I need someone there" John said, rocking back and forth a tiny little bit.

Maxxie frowned slightly and John let out a baby of a laugh.

"You know when I sent you to the park? I wasn't getting Beau's room ready, I was trying to sleep"

Maxxie frowned a teeny bit and John tightened his grip on his knees. Maxxie flashed me a look that said ‘help me’. “How?” I mouthed at him and he mouthed back “I don’t know!”

John sniffled and Maxxie bit his lip, sitting between John and me and sort of hugging him a little bit. John clung onto him like his life depended on it and Maxxie tried not to let it show that he wasn’t exactly happy with the arrangement. I don’t think John would’ve notice anyway.

A tear rolled down John’s cheek. "The nightmares are back. I can't... I can't do it anymore, Maxxie"


"I keep... I keep seeing their f-faces" he choked out, not really breathing properly.

Maxxie rubbed John’s back and John clung onto him even more.

"What am I gonna do with you, eh?" Maxxie asked.

"I can't... I can't... I..." John said, shaking his head and sounding a tiny bit hysterical.

"No really. What am I gonna do with him?" Maxxie asked me.

"Sleeping pills?"

"Got any?"

I nodded and went off to get them, ignoring Maxxie arch his eyebrow at me. He pulled John up off the couch and rolled out the sofa bed. John clung to him even more til Maxxie lay him down on the sofa bed and sat with him. He gave him the last of his coffee and one of the sleeping pills. John just about managed to take it and Maxxie stayed with him, stroking his hair til John fell asleep. I watched the two of them to try and feel less like a spare part.

Maxxie got up one he was asleep and arched an eyebrow at me again. "Why have you got sleeping pills?"

I shrugged. "Might come in handy"

He nodded and glanced at John. "True. What're we gonna do?"

"Honestly? I have no idea. I've never seen him this bad"

"I guess persuading Mari to give him access to Beau would be the best thing but..." he shrugged, "the chances of her doing that are next to zero"

"That wouldn't really do anything for the nightmares either"

"No, but regular access might" he shrugged again.

I felt my face shift into a sympathetic expression. "They were always about his parents"

He sighed. "I should find him a blanket"

I nodded and went to get myself another coffee. Maxxie got a blanket and a pillow for John and I looked at the guy sympathetically.

"He was with them, you know" I said, thinking back to when his parents died.

"What happened?"

"Car crash"

Maxxie wore the same sympathetic look as me.

"He wouldn't talk about it. The only way anyone even found out was cause there was a report on the news. His dad went pretty much instantly but his mom managed to hang on til the ambulance showed up"

He sighed. I sighed a little as well and sipped at my coffee. Maxxie watched John sleeping and looked a tiny bit thoughtful. I flashed him a curious look.

"Hearing stuff like that should really make me appreciate my own parents, shouldn't it"

I kissed his cheek. "Probably"

He flashed me a weak smile and I put an arm round his waist. He kissed me and I kissed back.

"Talking of which, I should probably reply to my mum's email and tell her we're not coming over for Christmas"

I smiled. "I'll leave you to it.    Try     to be nice"

"Try? Being nice to my mum is    effortless    " he winked.

"Go on, get writing" I chuckled and he groaned.

He shuffled over reluctantly to get his laptop and I chuckled a little, glancing at John again. Poor guy.

The End

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