Maxxie: How long til Christmas?Mature

After I've got the last of the cake mix out of my hair, I settle back on the sofa. Hadley's arms are instantly around my waist and he rests his head on my shoulder. I hug back, looking up as some Christmas advert comes on TV. Hadley lets out a small groan at the overly happy kids rushing around in sugar fuelled euphoria with all these toys and annoying Christmassy music in the background.

"How long is it til Christmas?"

"A couple weeks? I dunno, I've not been counting," I shrug. It's been a couple of years since I last cared about Christmas, really. I guess I should go get Christmas presents and stuff now that I have people to buy for again.

"I don't know what to get anyone."

"I haven't even thought about it." He chuckles a little and I groan. Christmas. Christmas = not fun. Christmas = effort and having to be nice. And I'm guessing I won't be allowed to sit at home on my sofa with a bottle of vodka.


"I dun like Christmas," I mumble, incredibly tempted to have a hissy fit like a little kid. He fakes a pout.

"Not even with me?"

"Wouldn't know. Never had Christmas with you," I smile slightly, kissing his cheek. I can see it all now, though. He would either want to, or be made to spend Christmas with his family. A family that dislikes me just a little bit. A family where alcohol is not frowned upon. Yup. Oh and the fact I'm with Hadley. If it was Cay that would've been fine, but no, I'm with the youngest son and am totally responsible for corrupting him in several ways. I mean, before he met me, he was the cute straight guy, a virgin and had probably never even watched porn before. I can totally see Christmas with me around going well...

"Don't doubt the power of a Smith family Christmas."

"I don't think I'm amazingly popular with your family," I say kinda dubiously.

"Dad and Cayden like you," he says, kissing me. I kiss back, but I'm still not entirely convinced. I mean, if Cay's gonna be there, it's just gonna be awkward if he's still not gotten over me. Which, if it's taken this long so far, I doubt he will have miraculously gotten over me over the next few weeks. "And as long as I'm happy, Ava'll like you too."

"Then I best keep you happy, eh?" I laugh slightly, "but you'll need to tell me what you want for Christmas."

"I don't mind, as long as it doesn't cost too much," he tells me, snuggling up. I cuddle him, but I'm not amazingly impressed with his answer.

"That really narrows it down," I smile, pecking him on the lips. He kisses back.

"Anything you want in particular?" How would I know if I've not been thinking about it? I think for a couple of minutes, but don't really come up with anything.


"I'll buy you a prostitute then," he laughs. I wrinkle my nose a little.

"Can't I just have you?" I ask, squeezing him a little. He giggles.

"I'll think about it." I hum slightly and smile.

"But seriously. I have no idea what to get you. Or anyone, actually."

"Just buy any old crap. Usually works for me," he smiles.

"I wanna get you nice crap though," I chuckle.

"I'd still keep it even if it was a sucky present," he tells me huggling me closer. That's nice, Bunny boy, but I wanna buy you something that's not sucky. I just kiss his neck before we end up bickering over presents the way me and Alex used to before we stopped having Christmas. We'd have a quiet night in, just the two of us - no arguing, no presents, no rushing around like a headless chicken while you try to make some amazing dinner that only gets half eaten. None of that bollocks. I wouldn't mind doing that with Hadley too, but if he wants a family Christmas with everyone, then we'll have a family Christmas.

He tilts his head and I kiss some more, wondering whether to give him a hickey or not. I'm half tempted to give him a hickey on Christmas Eve, but I don't think that would go down too well with Momma Smith. I sort of nip his neck gently, but that's about it, even though he looks kinda like he's too relaxed to care even if I did give him one. He hums and I kiss up to that bit between his jaw and ear, making him shiver. I smile and do it again, earning another shiver and a pout from him.

I giggle and nuzzle his neck, smiling as he huggles me some more.

"Wanna go out somewhere tonight?" he asks, returning the smile.

"Mmm. Where?"

"Pizza and a movie? I don't really mind where."

"Sounds good," I nod, "one condition." He groans as if he knows what I'm about to say. "Fuck me, or I'm paying," I wink, giggling. 


The End

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