Maxxie: make up sex.Mature

Why does my life seem to have a habit of falling apart just when it's getting good? I didn't want to do what I did, or say what I did, and I certainly didn't want to let Hadley go, but it wasn't like he was about to forgive me for anything, so why hang around and make it worse? I mean, I know telling him that he can have the apartment is a bit extreme, but it's not like I can't find somewhere else to stay - he's the one with nowhere else to go.

A little part of me then had hoped he might try to stop me, or that if I stayed in a hotel for a few nights that he might somehow find a way to forgive me for everything and have me back.

Either way, feeling worse than I had last night, I sort of start to walk away, telling myself that I'm wasting Hadley's time and only making things worse.

"Maxxie," he says, stopping me in my tracks. I look back and see him biting his lip.

"What?" I ask, watching as he bites his lip harder and looks down at his feet. "What?" I repeat. He peeks up at me and doesn't quite meet my eyes as he says:

"Fuck me."

When I say "what?" for the third time, it's out of shock. That... wasn't what I was expecting. At all. I was maybe expecting ‘fuck off' or ‘fuck yourself'. Definitely not ‘fuck me'. He looks down at his feet again and I sort of stand there with absolutely no idea what to do.

"I thought... I thought you were mad at me," I stutter after a moment, feeling more than a little confused.

"I am," he mumbles. Yeah... looks like it.

"I love you, Hadley," I mutter, closing the gap between us and wrapping him in a tentative hug, glad when he hugs back.

"Love you too," he says, still mumbling. I kiss the top of his head, not quite able to believe just how scared I was, and how scared I still am of losing him. He hums a little and I feel my grip on him tighten a tiny bit. He gives me a small smile. "I wasn't kidding when I said fuck me, y'know?"

"Better get you home then," I murmur, my smile matching his. He pecks me on the lips and I kiss back, taking his hand as we start heading back towards my our apartment.


By the time we get back, the surrealness of what's happened over the last few hours hasn't really worn off, but as I kick the front door closed behind me and attach my lips to Hadley's, it sort of fades away. He kisses back sweetly as I move my hands down to his hips. He hums, putting his arms around my neck as I move my kisses to his jaw. He lets out another hum, his fingers twisting in my hair. I smile, nipping gently at his neck, which makes him tug at my hair slightly. I do it again, a little bit harder this time, pressing my hips into his at the same time. He catches my lips with his again and with very little effort, it soon becomes making out.

His hands slide down to my waist and I begin to shuffle us back towards the bedroom. He litters my neck and lips with kisses until we get there and I push him down onto the bed. He kisses me hungrily as I slip my hands under his shirt, kissing back just as hard. He hums and I tug his shirt off, smiling as he plucks at mine, biting down on his lip. I let him slip it off and he kisses my collar bone. My hand strays towards his crotch and I palm him through his jeans.

His teeth sort of close on my collar bone and despite him kinda biting me, I hum. It's not like it hurts. In fact, if we had gotten as far as proper rough sex, that would have been a good thing. He blushes a tiny bit and mumbles a "sorry" but I chuckle and kiss him. He kisses back harder and I match it, palming him again. He shifts his hips a little and I play with the button on his jeans teasingly. His hips shift again and I smile. My smile may have been a teeeeny bit evil. What? I've not been laid for ages. He pouts and kisses me. Yeah. That's not gonna make me hurry up.

I start to undo the button, taking my time and extra care to make my hand brush against his crotch ‘accidentally'. He pouts again and tries to make me hurry up, but I ignore his efforts, smiling as he whines a tiny bit. I unzip his fly and tug his jeans down, shoving them to the floor. He reaches up and starts fumbling with the button on my own jeans, trying to get them off. Grinning, I let him have his way, doing my best not to moan when he palms me.

He gives me another hungry kiss and I slip my hand into his boxers. He lets out a baby of a gasp and bites his lip. He looks incredibly cute like that and I can't resist kissing him. He kisses back a lot harder, apparently willing me to do something with that hand.

Hmmm, let's see what we can do, shall we?


The End

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