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Long story short, I didn’t fuck Caleb. Apparently the guy loves Alex too much to help out a friend in need. Asshole. I sobered up pretty quickly after he slammed the door in my face, though, so by around midday the next day I was just about ready to face the world. Though I kind of wish I hadn’t been.


I looked around all the places I knew Maxxie usually went to but he was nowhere to be found. So at some point I decided for no apparent reason to walk back to Mom and Dad’s place and look around the area for Maxxie. I wasn’t too hopeful, though.

Imagine my reaction, then, when I saw Maxxie in a park playing with a little girl. John’s little girl to be precise. Wait, did he spend the night at John’s...? I watched Beau drag Maxxie round the park a couple times before I left. I still had that irrational fear that Maxxie would leave me for John and for all I knew, last night settled it. I headed for Mom and Dad’s place, mentally preparing myself for the fact that I’d no doubt be referring to it as “home” again soon. I couldn’t take it. Knowing that Maxxie was a couple houses away...

I marched over, trying to convince myself that I was just being paranoid and it almost worked. Well it almost did til I saw the two of them kissing. I froze, feeling all my fears come flooding back just in time to be smug little assholes and go “I told you so”. Maxxie pulled back sharply and John bit his lip. I didn’t do anything, still frozen.

"I can explain. Well, I can't. I dunno what happened..." Maxxie trailed off, looking at the floor.

I still didn’t react.

"It's my fault. I'm drunk and emotional" John said and I fought back the glare that wanted to surface.

"I shouldn't have stayed" Maxxie said and went on to ramble about how stupid and how much of a whore he is before vanishing upstairs.

I still didn’t really react. My brain was refusing to work properly.

"H-Hadley?" Maxxie asked as he came back downstairs.

I glanced at him. Were you expecting me to leave or something?

"Can we go?"

I didn’t really give him an answer. I just sort of walked outside and he followed, keeping his eyes on the floor. Neither of us said anything. Maxxie was no doubt expecting me to explode into a fit of anger or something but I just felt... I don’t know, I just felt like I knew it was going to happen anyway.

"I can be out of your place by tomorrow" I said quietly after a while.


"Unless you want me gone by today..."

"I don't want you gone at all"

I looked at my feet and sort of mumbled "Please don't lie to me"

"I- I'm not lying" he said, sounding shocked.

I was silent. I kind of would’ve preferred it if he was lying.

"Hadley, I don't want you gone. I meant it when I said I wanted to be with you forever"

I didn’t react for a while, tempting my brain into working again. And when it did, it told me to punch Maxxie square in the face. Which I did. Hard.

He staggered back slightly and rubbed his nose. "Your mum was right when she said not to doubt you" he said, wincing.

I frowned a little. "If I hadn't walked in, would you have..."

He shook his head. "Don't assume that just because both of us were feeling over emotional that we would have done anything else"

"I didn't assume anything" I said, kind of annoyed and definitely sounding it.

Maxxie shut up then. As did I. No matter what I say, it’s just gonna sound pissed off. We stayed there in silence, neither of us willing to disturb the hush that had descended. In the end it was Maxxie who broke the silence.

"Sorry" he said quietly.

I stayed quiet. I was still pissed off and didn’t want to risk making things worse by opening my mouth.

"I don't s'pose you're gonna forgive me for any of what I've done so..." he sighed and shrugged, "the apartment's all yours. If you want it"

I felt my eyes widen a little bit. Sure I’d just about mentally prepared myself for one of us to walk out on the other but... He’s right that I’m not exactly gonna forgive him for what was just happening with John but I mean... Maxxie was too busy staring at the floor and trying his hardest not to cry.

"Maxxie, I..."


"I just... You... I..."

Maxxie looked up, pretty much on the verge of tears.

"You should have told me..."

"Told you what?"

"About Brent"

"I know, I'm sorry"

I still couldn’t shake my opinion of ‘sorry doesn’t change things’ so I just shut my mouth again.

"It was just one blowjob, once, when he was drunk. I guess it just never really crossed my mind that it would ever come up again" Yeah, telling me the details now doesn’t really make this any better. Though, I guess it’s kind of a relief that at least they hadn’t fucked each other. I kept my mouth shut, though. "Ugh, that's a pathetic reason. I'm pathetic. M'sorry, I'll stop wasting your time now" he said, and started heading off.

"Maxxie" I said and bit my lip.


I bit my lip a little more and looked at my feet.

"What?" he asked again.

I glanced up, not quite meeting his eyes. “Fuck me”

The End

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