Hadley: Get Over HereMature

“Caleb, get your fucking ass down here now” I slurred into my phone. I wasn’t even entirely sure I’d called Caleb.

“Hadley, why aren’t you asleep?”

“Because I’m not. Get down here”

“I’m busy”

“Stop fucking Alex and get over here” I whined.

I heard him grumbling before he sighed. “Give me ten minutes”


And exactly fifteen minutes later, a very sleepy and very pissed off looking Caleb arrived. The second he was through the apartment door I hugged him. He didn’t hug back so I punched his arm. He frowned and shoved me onto the couch. Thanks, bro.

“Why are you drunk?” he asked with a sigh as he sat next to me.

“Because I bought booze. Want some?”

He hesitated for a moment before giving in. He didn’t drink all that much to be honest but I’m guessing he was planning on leaving. I drank at least two bottles of beer before he spoke again.

“Seriously, though, what’s going on?”

“Me and Maxxie had a fight” I slurred.

He groaned. “Over what?”

“Over him being a whore” I said a little harshly.

He rolled his eyes and sipped at his beer. I stretched my arm out and started playing with his hair. He didn’t seem to mind so I kept doing it. I tucked some of his hair behind his ear and brushed my hand across his cheek. Which was when he squirmed a little.

“Hadley, you’re drunk”
“Yes I am”

With that, I clambered onto his lap and started making out with him. He kissed back, threading his fingers through my hair. We stayed like that for at least an hour until I tried to peel off Caleb’s shirt. He shoved me off and stared at me like I was insane. I clambered back onto his lap and tried again but he just shoved me off even harder.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“My sex drive came back” I shrugged.
“Great. But did you forget the part where I’m with Alex and you’re with Maxxie?”

I shrugged again. If Maxxie can be a whore, so can I.

Caleb frowned. “It might not bother your drunk self but it fucking matters to me. Don’t call me til you’re sober. I’ll help you sort things out with Maxxie if you need a hand but this is too far”
He stood up to leave and I grabbed his ankle. He tried to shake me off but I just wrapped my legs around him. Don’t go, Gayleb. I need someone to cuddle. And you never know, maybe someone to fuck.

The End

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