Maxxie: chipsMature

I feel my eyes widen a little, memories of what happened last time I was there flooding my head. I shake my head, feeling those tears beginning to break through a little. I feel like such a wuss, but can you blame me? He holds up his hands defensively.

"I promise I won't do anything. Mari's s'posed to be bringing Beau over anyway." I frown slightly, kinda confused.

"Why would Mari be bringing Beau over?" I ask, clumsily pulling my phone out of my pocket, "it's like, half eleven." Man I got pissed quick. Seriously? Half eleven? And I've already thrown up. For shame, Maxxie.

"She's bringing her over in the morning," he chuckles.

"Then how would that stop you... doing anything?"

"Because... Well, I'm not sure how. She's dropping her off pretty early though, so I'm gonna need plenty of sleep." That's very comforting, John. I think I'd be safer in the street. ‘Cause how do I know you won't wear yourself out and have a good sleep that way? Call me paranoid, but... "What would it take for me to convince you?"

I hold back a bitter laugh. For you to have not kidnapped Hadley? To have not raped me? Y'know... little things like that. I shrug and put my head back on my knees, hugging them close to my chest.

"It was pretty stupid looking back on it but I've already had my fun. Besides, you could probably kick my ass even though you're drunk." I laugh slightly at that. He's clearly never seen me punch anyone before. I look up and see him smiling a little.

"I'm hungry."

"Well, let's go find something to eat, then," he says and I nod, trying to get up. I fail. He laughs and helps me up. The moment I'm on my feet, I stumble off, determined to find somewhere to eat, on my own. Apparently convinced that I'm going to fall over and/or get lost on my own, John steers me off to some fast food place where I sullenly order chips and promptly decide that sitting on the floor is a really good idea. What? I'm tired.

"Uh, Maxxie, they have chairs." I don't move. I'm quite happy to sit down here, thanks. That's when he tries to move me.

"Get off me, rape boy," I mumble thoughtlessly. He frowns a little, but he got me far enough that I just go ‘fuck it' and sit in the chair, sulking.

"Cheer up," he says. I put my head on the table and regret it almost instantly.

"This table's covered in salt." Which is now stuck to my face. Wonderful. He chuckles.

"You're worse than Beau." As he says that, someone brings my chips over and puts them in the middle of the table. I sit back with a sigh and brush some of the salt off my face before pulling the chips towards me.

"M'not hungry now. D'you want them?"

"Not really," he replies, but I'm already eating them anyways. He waits til I'm done before asking me, "Where am I taking you, then?" I shrug. How would I know?

"Helpful." I smile slightly. "I'm guessing you still don't fancy going home."

"What and prove to Hadley just how pathetic I am?" He shrugs and I sigh. "Yours, I guess." Not like I've got anywhere else to go. He nods and gets up. I get up, wobble and grab onto him to stay upright.

"You gonna manage the walk?" he asks, helping me to not fall over as we go outside.

"Probably not," I mutter, earning a chuckle from him.

"I'll carry you if I have to."

"Aren't you Prince Charming tonight," I laugh slightly

"I can be nice, y'know," he tells me. I don't say anything. "Your silence is so reassuring."

"I'm drunk, about to go home with the guy who raped me, and I'm spending the night away from the guy I love. Who wouldn't be quiet?"

"I can take you home if you want. You don't have to come back to mine."

"He won't want me there," I murmur, my features drooping into a sad face. He sort of hesitates and hugs me a little bit. I'm beyond the point of caring that it's John now, and I hug back.

"He'll want you there, just not as drunk as this." I sort of nod, "And you never know, seeing Beau might cheer you up a bit. It'd make her smile anyway." I sort of nod again.

"I wanna lie down," I whine.

"Want me to carry you?"

"Mmm," I hum, leaning into him a little.


He carries me back to his car and I sort of flop into the passenger seat with my face pressed up on the window and my eyes shut. Neither of us say anything as he drives back to his place and by the time we're there, I'm already half asleep. Instead of waking me back up, he lifts me out of the car and carries me inside to what I guess is the spare room. As he puts me down, I lean up and kiss him with a smile, before pretty much passing out. 


The End

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