Maxxie: "Stay at mine"Mature

Fucking brilliant. Y'know, I can see why Cayden cheated on me too. I hadn't meant to act like a teenager, but seriously? I warned him. I call in sick at work, not really caring if they're getting pissed at me for not being there, and head off in search of a club over the other side of town.


About four hours later, I'm very drunk, and a little bit beyond caring if I'm in control of myself or not. So far, I've kept away from other people, mostly, but there's some cute guy hitting on me and it's so very tempting. He's about to take me back to his to ‘cheer me up'. At the last minute, I remember I'm supposed to be making things better, not worse and make my escape.

I stumble out into the street and do my best to stay upright.

"Maxxie?" a familiar voice says. I look around and see someone I can't say I'd been hoping to run into. What's John even doing around here?

I groan, trying to pretend like I've not noticed him. "Nice to see you too," he smirks as I stagger over to the curb and pretty much throw myself down on the floor, feeling kinda sick. "Need some help there, buddy?" Like you care.

"I feel sick," I mumble, putting my head on my knees. He sits next to me and rubs my back a little.

"That'll be the booze. C'mon, I'll take you home." I shake my head slightly.

"Why not?" he asks, a curious look on his face.

"Bunny dun like me no more," I slur.

"I'm sure he does."

"Why would anyone like a whore?" I ask with a sniffle.

"You're not a whore." I shoot him a disbelieving look. He shrugs, "Either way, you can't stay here."

"Sure I can," I mutter, curling up on my side. Just watch me.

He sighs, "Dude, get up." Why should I? "Please, Maxxie," he says when I don't move.

"He said- he said he can see why Cay cheated on me," I mumble, sniffling again.

"He was probably just angry, don't pay attention to it." I don't say anything, I just lay there. At least, I do until John sort of pulls me up so I'm sitting and slides his arm around my shoulders. I lean my head on his shoulder, trying not to break down into tears and add to how pathetic I'm already being. "You're forgetting I grew up with him. He never means what he says when he's pissed off." I just close my eyes. Y'know that feeling that if you open your mouth, you'll puke? Yeah. I don't think I'll be saying anything for a while.

He squeezes me a little bit and my eyes flicker back open. Keeping my mouth closed isn't going to help. I manage to pull away and aim it in the other direction, at least. He rubs my back again and I cough, trying to get the last of it up. If I'd been feeling miserable before, I wouldn't know what to call this. I wipe my mouth,

"C'mon, you need to go home." I whine slightly and he suggests staying at Cay's.

"He's not there. ‘N' if he is, m'not sure he'd appreciate me being there." The Smith family just generally seems to hate me. I don't fucking blame them. John thinks for a moment before coming up with a genius suggestion.

"Stay at mine then."  

The End

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