Hadley: Don't Even KnowMature

I barely did any work while Maxxie was off “peeing”. Granted my eyes stayed glued to the books in front of me and I did glance at the stacks I’d made around myself but I didn’t do anything. Sure, you probably think I’m overreacting but c’mon, how do you expect me to react when I’ve overheard that Brent and Maxxie have some vague kind of history together? Okay, so it’s not exactly “history” but what does it make them? Fuck buddies? A one night stand? Fuck, I don’t even know.

Maxxie came back after a while and sat back down, going straight back to sorting the books out again. I sorted through a couple before I said grumpily "Y'know what, Maxxie? There is something fucking wrong"

Maxxie looked up at me.

"Is there literally no one you haven't slept with?" I asked, trying to stay calm.

He went back to sorting out the pile of books in front of him. "I did tell you I was a whore" he said, genuinely looking kind of ashamed.

"Sure got that right" I muttered under my breath.

He stopped sorting through the books and looked at the floor. Yeah, that’s real great, Maxxie. I stood up to go take a couple of spare books out into the store when Maxxie mumbled something.

"I'm not a whore anymore, though"

"That's great. You still did fuck knows what with my boss"

He sighed. Thanks.

"It would've been nice if you'd at least told me" I said, still trying to stay calm.

"I'm sorry already!"

"I should fucking hope so!" I shouted at him. I hadn’t exactly meant to shout. Okay, that’s a lie. Kind of.

Maxxie just kept his gaze on the floor. What, you can’t even look at me now? That’s just pathetic. I rolled my eyes as I took a couple books out to Brent. I saw Maxxie slip out of the store but didn’t go after him. What? I’m not wasting my time.


I got home around seven to find Maxxie sat on the couch. I wasn’t the slightest bit happier about the whole ‘him and Brent’ thing so I just walked into the kitchen without even saying hi. Why should I anyway? I heard him sigh slightly but ignored it. He should be fucking sighing anyway. Actually, he should be apologising. Or shouting. I’d be happy with either. I could see and smell something cooking in the oven but made myself a sandwich anyway. I was hungry and I hadn’t eaten anything at lunch, do you really think I have time to wait for stuff to cook?

Maxxie stayed where he was until I went over and sat as far away as the couch would let me. He got up and turned the oven off, sitting on the kitchen counter afterwards. I ate my sandwich in silence and he stayed where he was again, no doubt trying to think of something to say. I glanced back at him once I was finished and decided not to bother taking my plate out. So I just put it on the floor.

Maxxie looked over. "I dunno what you want me to say, Hadley" he sighed. "I'm sorry I was a whore, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you about what happened"

"You know what fucking sucks? Aside from Brent, of course" Yeah, I know it’s a low blow. Sue me.


"The fact that I wouldn't have known shit if you two hadn't been reminiscing"

He bit his lip. I could tell he was trying not to say anything to piss me off even more. Too bad, Maxxie, I’m already pissed off enough.

"M'sorry" he mumbled.

"'Sorry' doesn't change things"

"No, well how am I supposed to change things, huh?"

"Why the fuck should I have to tell you?"

"The past is the past, Hadley! What am I supposed to do? Build a time machine and go tell myself not to be such a whore?"

I shook my head, glaring a teeny bit. "Jeez, I thought I acted immature"

"Then what? I    told     you I was a fucking whore!" he was nearly shouting.

"I know! I just thought, y'know, maybe there was one person out there you hadn't been with" I pretty much shouted back and he yelled right back.

"I'm sure there is if you look hard enough!"

“Yeah? In countries you've never been to, right?"

"Not that there's many of those" he slid off the counter and grabbed his keys, gritting his teeth as I sort of rolled my eyes.

I snorted a laugh as I said “Y’know, I can see why Cayden cheated on you”

“So can I”

He headed for the door and I didn’t move. To be honest, I was fighting the urge to grab that plate off the floor and throw it at his head. He hesitated for a moment before sighing and walking out. Well, now that’s done... Where’d I put that fake ID?

The End

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