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That was mean. I'd been quite happy coming in there all worried he'd hate me for what I've done to Cay and being all weird about the mention of John earlier soon and then he goes and sets me off again and made me all horny. I'd done my best to keep thoughts of fucking his brains out away, but clearly, I'd failed. I sort of half lie on the sofa, scowling at Brent through the door. I notice Hadley glancing over at me occasionally. I can't really be bothered to go anywhere and I know Hadley doesn't really want me to leave him here alone with Brent again. So I just lean back and close my eyes.

After a while, I feel something hit my stomach and I open my eyes. A book. What was that for? I'm hardly asleep. I look from the book to Hadley, who's standing by a shelf in the front room.

"Make yourself useful," he says, gesturing at the top shelf. Bless him. I take the book back over to him and slot it away. "And those three," he says, handing me another three books. I put those up there too and smile back as he gives me a little smile. "Thanks."

"No problem." I stand back as Hadley sorts through a few more.

"Getting bored yet, kiddo?" Brent asks me. I kinda shrug.

"Not really, but I can go if you don't want me here anymore."

"It's a slow day," he says, shrugging too.

"Mmm. Either of you want a coffee?"

"I wouldn't mind a beer," Brent says, but Hadley shakes his head.

"I'm good, thanks."

"'Kay. I'll be back in a couple minutes." I wander out before they can say anything and head down to the cafe to get a free coffee from Damien and see if there's any beers there hanging around in the kitchen. Apparently there is.

When I get back, Brent's put some music on and is happily singing along to it. I put his beer in front of him and lean on the counter with my coffee. He flashes me a grin.

"You're a star."

"I know," I smile.

"Just need to get some beer in you now," he winks. I'm not gonna tell him that beer does fuck all to me then.

"I'm quite happy with my coffee, thanks."

"Shame," he says, drinking most of his beer.

"Easy," I chuckle, "cafe only has a few beers left y'know."

"Better stock up then, hadn't you," he grins again and I shake my head slightly. "Meh, whatever." And with that, he goes back to reading. Hadley's busy in the back room and me... I'm not doing anything useful at all.

"There's a TV in there if you're bored," Brent says without looking up. He gestures in the back room and I nod, muttering a ‘thanks' as I shuffle off to go watch it. Hadley's sat on the floor trying to organise some books and, to be honest, I'd feel better helping him out than watching TV.

"Want a hand with that?" he shrugs and I frown slightly. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." Still frowning, I sit opposite him on the other side of the pile of books and start helping anyways. Well, it's not like I've got anything to do til I'm expected at the bar. Apparently, Hadley doesn't notice my small frown. So what happens? My frown deepens.

He just focuses on the books. I can't tell whether that's dedication to his new job or if it's because there's something wrong. In my distraction, I end up putting a crime book in the sci-fi pile and curse myself inwardly.

"What's up?" I venture, "You look like there's something bothering you."

"Nothing's up," he says, but the slightly annoyed tone of voice says different. A small look of surprise sneaks onto my face though and I shut up. He keeps sorting through the books, a sort of grumpy look on his face and I bite my lip a little.

He doesn't notice.

"I need to pee," I mumble, getting up and walking to the toilet even though I don't actually need to. C'mon, give me a break - you know I don't handle tension like that well. 


The End

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