Hadley: AlmostMature


"Oh, hey, Maxxie. I hope you're not here to distract my staff"

Maxxie shook his head.

"Good. How's things?"

I wriggled my hand free from Maxxie’s and shuffled out to the back room to go do my job. Well, that and listen in on their conversation.

"They're okay. What about you?"

"Ah, same old, y'know?"

"It'd be nice to have some 'same old' in my life right now" Maxxie laughed weakly.

"Missing the single life, huh?"

"No, it's not that"

"So what is it?"

"Just worrying about Cay, really" Maxxie sighed.

"If it helps, I managed to call him the other night"


"He sounded okay. I think he just needs some time to chill"

I peeked round the doorway and saw Maxxie nod slightly.

"You just wait. Christmas'll come and go and he'll be back to his old sex-driven self"

"I hope so"

"Fancy re-enacting the first time we met each other?" Brent asked with a wink.

"Straight as a board, Cay told me" Maxxie chuckled.

"Nothing wrong with experimenting, bro"

Maxxie smiled. "You enjoyed your little experiment, then?"

"It wasn't horrifying, I'll give you that"

Maxxie laughed and I shuffled out of the back room to put some books on one of the bookshelves. And to sort of remind them that, y’know, I was actually there.

"Can't say I'd ever go out looking for a similar experience, though" Brent said and Maxxie arched an eyebrow.

 "You were the one offering a repeat of it" Maxxie chuckled, "either way, if you change your mind, you'd have to find someone else. I'm not a whore anymore"


He smiled lightly. "Sorry to be a let down"

Brent chuckled a little. "Not even if we got you drunk enough?"

"Depends on what the boyfriend says about it, really"

 "Wha?" I said, looking up from what I was doing. Well I don’t want to look like I was listening in, do I?

Maxxie tutted and prodded Brent’s chest. "He's hitting on me and you didn't even notice"

"Oh, sorry" I said and looked back at the pile of books in front of me.

Maxxie smiled. "It's okay. I said I wouldn't distract you, after all" he held up his hands and grinned at Brent, "sorry, boss"

Brent chuckled. "Well you're welcome to hang around as long as he gets everything done"

"You're only saying that 'cause you wanna get me drunk" Maxxie pouted and Brent laughed.

"No way, dude, that's a friday thing"

Maxxie sort of glared at him suspiciously. "It wouldn't be if you knew I'd screw you"

"Does that count as a yes, then?"

"Men have such one track minds" he pretended to huff, "and it's a no. Unless Hadley doesn't mind"

I looked up again. "Unless I don't mind what?"

Maxxie smiled. "Nothing. Brent's just gagging for cock. He needs to go clubbing"

Brent scowled. "I am    not     gagging for cock"

"You so are"

"Am not"

"If you're not gagging for cock, why d'you wanna fuck me, hmm?" Maxxie smirked.

"I think you'll find it was Cayden that fucked you. I was planning on keeping it the same as before"

"You still want cock"

"You still want cock” Brent mimicked him. “Just because I sucked you off"

Maxxie giggled and I tried my best not to listen.

"You can giggle all you like, I'm still the best you've ever had"

"You have a long, long way to go til you're the best I've ever had, Brent. Sorry to break it to you"

"Yeah, sure"

Maxxie smiled sweetly. "It's a shame I'm taken. I could teach you a lot"

"What makes you think I need to learn anything?"

"Well unless you've gotten lots of practice in since that time..." Maxxie winked.

"C'mon, dude, I was drunk. No one's at their best when they're drunk"

Maxxie faked a sigh. "And to think I'll never know"


"You're gonna have to work on persuading Hadley to let me find out" Maxxie smirked slightly. Which was when Brent finally turned his attention to me.

"Oh Hadley"

"Mmm?" I said, not looking up from the books I was sorting out.

"Can I show your boyfriend how good I am in bed?"

I rolled my eyes. Maxxie just watched the whole thing, kind of amused.

Brent grinned. "That's a yes"

"No it's not" Maxxie said.

"So is"



Maxxie glanced at me but I was busy working. That and I didn’t fancy looking over there while they were on about...

"It's such a big no that he doesn't feel the need to repeat it"

"Dude, he totally said yes"

Maxxie shook his head.

"Bro, you suck"

"Only Hadley" he grinned.

"I should've seen that one coming, huh?"


Brent crossed his arms. "I don't like you anymore"

Maxxie rolled his eyes. "Get a yes out of Hadley and I'll let you 'prove to me how good you are in bed'"

"Or I could just have my way with you right now"

Maxxie scowled and Brent laughed.

"I'm kidding, bro"

Maxxie punched his shoulder and Brent pulled a fake hurt face. Boy, Maxxie didn’t look too happy about it.

"What?" Brent asked.




Brent rubbed his arm. "If it's nothing, how come I got punched?"

"It didn't hurt, don't be such a pussy"

Brent pouted and Maxxie chuckled.

"C'mon then, why'd I get punched?"

Maxxie pointed at the bulge in his jeans and scowled. Jeez, I might as well just let him go off with Brent. Sure it’d bother me but at least Maxxie would actually have someone who was in the mood for sex.

Brent laughed. "Dude, how are you even hard?"

Maxxie scowled.

"No seriously"

"Does it matter?"


"I've just been mega horny all week and then you went on about the time we met and man, do you really expect me to not be hard when I was the only sober one there and remember it all perfectly?" he scowled slightly.

Brent arched an eyebrow almost suggestively. "Mega horny, you say"

"Yep" Maxxie said, trying not to blush.

"And why ever might that be?"

"Why does    that     matter?"

"Well for all I know, you might be too old to perform anymore" Brent smirked.

Maxxie laughed. "Certainly not that"

"Then do tell"

"It's none of your business"

"Oh yeah?"


"Well that just makes me wanna know more"

"Shut up and show me where the toilet is" Maxxie said, blushing.

Brent just chuckled. "What if I don't want to?"

"I..." he shrugged. "I'll find it myself" And with that, he wandered off. Well, he tried to, anyway.

Brent laughed and I just shhok my head. Granted I was trying my hardest not to laugh...

Maxxie pulled a horrified face. "Piss off"

Brent pulled a hurt face at exactly the same time as me and Maxxie scowled, flouncing off to find the bathroom. I chuckled and got with my work while Brent sat back and started reading a random book he picked up off the floor.

Maxxie flopped on the couch in the back room once he was done. Poor guy, I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

The End

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