Maxxie: Straight germs.Mature

"What time's your lunch break?" I ask as I watch Hadley get ready for work, refusing to move from where I am under the duvet in bed.

"Uh, around one, I think."

"Wanna meet up at a cafe?"

"Sure. I'll call you before or something so you're not waiting for ages ‘cause I got my times wrong." I smile, strangely proud of him for having a job and planning to go off to college and all that. He smiles back and I pull him down for a kiss.

"Get your ass to work," I chuckle.

He kisses back, "I would but someone's keeping me here." He lets out a giggle and I grin.

"Don't let Brent get too drunk," I wink, remembering what Brent gets like when he's drunk.

"Wha...? Y'know what, I don't even wanna know," he chuckles, planting another kiss on my lips. I kiss back and smile.

"I'll see you at lunch," he says smiling back.

I hum, "Bye, Bunny."

"Bye, Cinderella." He leaves before I can so much as pout at him.


After about ten minutes, I haul myself out of bed and into the shower to get ready for my own day. Since I work a night shift, I've got pretty much all day to do what I like.

So how am I going to spend it? I could mope, or worry about Cay, I could sit around being bored. I could watch a movie on my own, or treat my over active libido to some porn and my hand, but what I'd really rather do, is go house hunting.

Or apartment hunting. Doesn't matter much to me either way.


And that's how I've ended up sitting in my least favourite (an estate agent's) place, with a surprising amount of apartments and small houses near Hadley's college. I take the info for a few of them, and I'm just about to look at another set of pictures for this cute little house when my phone rings. I didn't realise it was so close to one already.

"Hey, Bunny," I say not bothering to excuse myself. The estate agent woman doesn't look too impressed, but I couldn't care less.

"Hey. So, I'm on lunch in like ten minutes. Got anywhere in particular you want to meet up?"

"Anywhere. I don't mind. Pick a cafe. There's plenty around there."

"I need to learn where they are first," he laughs a little. I hum thoughtfully, wondering where the nearest one to the book store is.

"The one where I worked was pretty good. Up the street to the left, big blue sign for Questa Cafe. It's not too far."

"I'll meet you there then, beautiful," he says, and I can't help the grin on my lips. I say my goodbye and turn back to the slightly irritable estate agent woman.

"Mr. Fuller," she says, a slightly exasperated tone breaking through in her voice, "are you going to take the information for this place, too?" I nod and then add as an afterthought: ‘do you have a folder I could put all this in?'


When I sit down at the table with Hadley, he arches an eyebrow at the folder in my hands. I smile and push it towards him across the table. He opens the file and flicks through the photocopies of photos and info for the places I'd been looking at.

"You really are set on moving, huh?" I shrug.

"I just thought it'd be nice to properly buy a place together. We don't have to move anywhere if you don't want to." He pecks me on the lips. Not much of an answer there, Bunny boy. "Well anyways, have a look through those at some point and see if you like any of them. I'm gonna get a coffee, want one?" I mumble.

"Sure," he smiles. I get up and wander over to Damien, reaching over the counter to prod him.

"Stop staring at the pretty girl you work with and get me two coffees, bitch," I smile. He jumps and grins at the sight of me.

"Two coffees?" he smirks, "who're you with?" I gesture over at Hadley.

"The boyfriend." Damien looks over and chuckles a little, turning to make the coffee.

"They get smaller every time. Next time you come in, you'll be dating a midget."

"I doubt it," I say with a smile.

"Uh oh. I know that tone of voice," he laughs, and I blink. What tone of voice? "not heard you talk like that since you were with Alex." I scowl. He grins and ruffles my hair.

"Ew, straight germs."


The End

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