Hadley: Shouldn't Have To AskMature

All in good time, Maxxie, all in good time. I’m just trying to see if I can tease my sex drive into working first. It’s not looking too hopeful. Ugh, why was I born with the shittiest libido ever? I mean seriously, I fucking love the guy and I’ve slept with him like five or six times. That might not seem so bad til you consider the fact that we’ve been dating for nearly two months. Yeah, I’m one of those. I keep track of the months. It’s stupid, I know but it’s kinda nice. To me at least.

I pressed my forehead against his and resisted the urge to sigh. “I want my sex drive back”

He smiled slightly. "Maybe the zinc in those pills will work"

"Maybe. Guess you'll just have to put up with being teased til then, though" I said, snaking my other hand down to his waist.

He whined at that and I fought back a smile, kissing his nose instead. He blushed a little bit and my smile burst through.

"You look cute when you blush"

He blushed more, just making himself look cuter. "No I don't"

"You do" I said, kissing is nose again.

"Shush, I'm busy being embarrassed at how I seem like a sex dependant freak" he chuckled.

"Well, I guess I could maaaybe blow you" I said and kissed him kind of hard before he had time to say anything.

He groaned a little and I giggled. For all I know that could have been words but I didn’t care. I kept on kissing him, snaking my hands down a little bit as he kissed back. He nipped at my lip and I pulled back a little.


He blushed again and I giggled.

"It's not my fault that my libido is strong enough for the both of us"

I kissed his cheek. "I better get to work then, huh?"

"You don't have to if you don't want to" the poor guy was still blushing a little bit.

"It'll make me feel better about keeping you sex deprived" I said, smiling a little.

He kissed me and I kissed back a teeny bit harder, making him hum. I smiled and shuffled down, undoing his jeans slowly as he lay back. I laughed a little as I saw him trying his best not to hurry me up and went down on him. I may have done it quite a few times now but it still felt kinda weird. Maxxie moaned and I hummed a little. Humming makes blowjobs extra nice, y’know? I felt his fingers thread through my hair and I sucked a little harder. He moaned a little louder and I resisted the urge to giggle. I spat when he came, not really wanting to swallow his jizz after I nearly choked on it in London. I kissed his hip instead and he hummed contentedly. I shuffled back up with a smiled, being pulled into a kiss almost instantly. I kissed back, humming as he cuddled me. I slipped my arms around him and hugged his waist, smiling a tiny little bit as he kissed my neck.

"I love you, Maxxie"

"I love you too" he smiled. "I don't think I'll ever know how to tell you just how much, though" h paused, "that sounded less cheesy in my head"

"It wasn't cheesy" I said, kissing him softly, "because it's exactly the same for me"

He smiled, kissing back and I hugged his waist a little. He played with my hair and I shut my eyes, humming. He started drawing circles on the back of my neck and I smiled.

"I love you so fucking much"

"I fucking love you more" he chuckled.

"Nuh uh" I chuckled as well.

"Uh huh" he poked his tongue out and I bit it gently.

He turned it into a kiss just like I’d been expecting and I kissed back.

“I still love you more” I said.

"How's about we just settle with we love each other the same amount?" he asked, smiling.

I giggled because frankly I’m always gonna love him more than he loves me but kissed his cheek anyway. He huggled me a little tighter and I hummed.

"I don't ever want to be without you" I said, hugging his waist a teeny bit tighter and he smiled again.

"I think you're the first person to have said that to me and meant it"

"I don't believe that for a second"

"Why not?"

"Because you're too amazing for no one to have meant it"

He chuckled. "Alex was the only other person who ever said it to me. Maybe he meant it at the time."

"He meant it"

He hummed. "Well, hopefully, we'll last longer together than me and him did. Like, a lot longer" he flashed a smile and I smiled back, no doubt about to feel like the worlds hugest dork.

"Like forever?"

“Like forever” he nodded and I grinned, kissing him lightly.

He kissed back and I snuggled up to him. He cuddled me close to him and I pressed myself even closer. He kissed the top of my head and I sighed contentedly. Something told me he was happy to stay like that til one of us needed to move and to be honest, so was I. Well, I was until I started falling asleep. Fuck you anaemia.

"Sleepy already?"

"Lemme alone, I'm anaemic" I chuckled.

He kissed my cheeks and I smiled.

"You could always do something to entertain me"

"Like what?"

"Whatever you think'd entertain me" I giggled.

He thought about it and I waited, trying to think of stuff myself. He came up with something after a couple of moments.

“I dunno. Usually we sit and watch a film or something" he shrugged, "I feel like a bad boyfriend"


He frowned slightly. "I don't know what you like or anything. I'm s'posed to know these things"

I kissed his cheek. "How could you know if I never told you?"

"I should've asked"

"You shouldn't have to" I said, giving him a little baby of a kiss.

He kissed back and I smiled.

"A movie sounds good, though"

"After you tell me what you like doing" he chuckled slightly and I hummed.

"After the movie"

"I'll hold you to that”

I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"What film?" he asked.

"Your choice"

He got up, somewhat reluctantly, and went to go choose a DVD while I attempted to not fall asleep. He came back and put the movie on. Yeah, his TV’s one of those portable combo jobs. It was kinda crappy but I didn’t really care as he smiled at me and went back to snuggling. I cuddled up to him and started watching the movie, determined to not fall asleep within five minutes.

The End

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