Hadley: Free KissesMature

Okay, so when Maxxie got up that second to go cook me something I felt kind of bad. No matter how epic whatever he cooked was, the best he was getting out of it would be a kiss. Or maybe a blowjob or something. Ah who am I kidding? If he’s getting anything it’s from himself while I get t sit here all anaemic and feeling bad about my shitty libido. I watched him every now and then in his mission to cook me something nice. Yea, he was kind of failing. I pretended not to notice out of common decency but I couldn’t fight back the smile that tugged at my lips. I looked round again as I heard him swearing and saw him throw whatever he’d been cooking away. I watched him again as he started making something else, smiling as he brought it over. Don’t people normally eat panini for lunch?

He sat down with a half smile and I started eating. I should’ve been more bothered by the half smile than I was but hey, what can you do? He sort of watched me while I ate and sure, it didn’t bother me to begin with but then it just got kind of... I don’t know, creepy? It made me blush a little either.


He blinked like he only just realised he’d been watching me. “Sorry”

I chuckled and went back to eating, noticing him smile slightly.

"Well, I wouldn't say you were a terrible cook" I said once I’d finished.

He just shrugged. "I can do panini. I've been doing them for five years at the cafe"

I leant over and kissed him, humming as he kissed back. He kissed me a little harder and I ran a hand through his hair. He put his hands on my hips and I slipped my arms round his neck. He squeezed me slightly and kissed back a teeny bit harder. Which was when I pulled back a bit. Yes I might’ve gotten his hopes up earlier but I didn’t want to lead him on any further. He blushed and broke the kiss.

"Sorry" I said, pecking him on the lips.

"S'okay" he flashed me a small smile.

"It's not"

"It is" he said, kissing my forehead.

I whined a teeny tiny little bit at that. "It's not. The odds are in my favour: I'm a teenager, I'm a guy and you’re my boyfriend. I should be fucking you every chance I get but here we are"

He hugged me. "It's not your fault, Bunny. It doesn't matter"

I sort of groaned and he started tracing a pattern on the back of my neck. Which I have to admit did cheer me up a little bit. I hummed quietly and he smiled, kissing back softly as I pecked him on the lips.

I pressed my forehead to his. "I must be like the meanest boyfriend ever"

"Only when it's a special treatment day for you" he giggled and I smiled.

He pecked me on the lips and I kissed back lightly. I played with his hair a bit when he smiled, not really intending on moving til either of us needed to. Which wasn’t nearly as long as I would’ve liked.

Maxxie kissed me and sat back with a sort of smile. "I just uh... need the loo" he said and scurried off to the bathroom.

I laughed a little as he went and started falling asleep at some point. Well he was in there for a good ten minutes at least. I guess I must’ve fallen asleep because all of a sudden Maxxie was out of the bathroom and I was on the floor by the couch.

"You okay?" Maxxie asked, trying not to laugh.

"I landed on my face" I whined.

He knelt next to me and kissed my face better. Wow, I should hurt my face more often.

I smiled. "At least I know how to get free kisses out of you now"

"All my kisses are free" he pouted and I giggled.

"Then you make a shit prostitute"

He giggled too and I smiled again. He kissed me again and I kissed back kind of sleepily.

"Bed" he said.

"Too early"

"You just went to sleep on the sofa and fell off it, gorgeous. I don't think it matters"

"Blame the anaemia"

He kissed my forehead and I hummed, cuddling him. So what if I’m more than likely gonna fall asleep again? He cuddled back and I kissed his neck.

"Love you"

He hummed. "I love you too"

I smiled and shut my eyes, already half asleep. I was vaguely aware of Maxxie picking me up and carrying to the bedroom.

"No funny business, mister" I managed to mumble in my half asleep state.

"You're safe" he said, snuggling on the bed with me.

I hummed and he started playing with my hair. I started falling asleep pretty much as soon as his fingers touched my hair and the sweet thing that he is stayed with me even though I was pretty much dead to the world. Eventually I fell asleep but I kind of got the vibe that Maxxie would end up asleep as well. Or at the very least stay there with me. What a nice guy, huh? 

The End

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