Maxxie: your dayMature

I don't really want to move. So I don't. For ages. Hadley kisses my neck every now and then and I return the favour, pretty content to just sit there and cuddle with him til one of us has to move for something.

But after a while, I can almost feel him getting worried again. Bless him. I push his hair back and kiss his forehead and the spot between his ear and his jaw, smiling a little.

"You worry too much, gorgeous."

He sighs slightly, "I don't like seeing you like this."

"I'm just being stupid. He'll probably be fine and I'm panicking over nothing. Just ignore me," I laugh kinda weakly. That probably didn't put him at ease at all. Well done, Maxxie. He kisses my cheek and I smile. "Please stop worrying so much, Bunny. I'll be fine." I always am.

His cheeks light up a little, "I can't help worrying." I hum and kiss him. He kisses back and I thread my fingers in his hair, smiling as he hums a little and smiles back.

"Well if you can't help worrying, worry about your brother, not me."

"I know what he's like, though. He'll be fine after a week or two," he says, sighing a little. I dunno, Hadley, he didn't fucking seem like it to me, but I guess you've known him longer. He tries to distract me from my doubt with a kiss on the neck. I bite back a sigh of my own and go along with it, kissing the spot between his jaw and his ear again. He hums a little and I move my kisses down his neck to his collar bone through his shirt. He chuckles slightly. "I'm s'posed to be the one cheering you up."

"Y'know what would cheer me up?" I ask, an idea coming to me. He gives me an innocent look.

"Candy?" I shake my head.

"If you went to the doctor." Well, he did say he'd do anything. He whines and I cut him off with a kiss. He kisses back. "Please, Bunny?" he buries his head in my neck and I cuddle him, knowing that I'm asking a lot from someone who hates doctors so much.

"Do I have to?" he mumbles.

"I'm worried about you, gorgeous. You're nineteen - you're s'posed to be full of energy, but all you wanna do is sleep. And your appetite is going weird again." He whines again. "Please?" I ask, drawing patterns on his neck.

"Fine," he groans.

"Thank you," I murmur, kissing him.

"You owe me, though," he says, kissing back.

"Owe you what?" I laugh slightly, "you said you'd do anything to cheer me up."

"Did I forget to mention you owe me if I don't like it?" he smiles.

"You did forget," I nod, "go on then. What do I owe you?" he cuddles me and I snuggle up to him a little.

"I haven't gotten that far yet."

"Let me know when you have."

"Oh I will." Of course you will. Why do I expect evil? I leave him to think about it for a while. The grin on his face says it all. "You can owe me another special treatment day." I pout. But I'm not complaining. I enjoyed the last one more than I probably should have. "Unless you have a better suggestion, of course." I shake my head. He chuckles. "Special treatment day it is."

"Which day?" I ask absently, trying to keep the last one out of my head as best I can. He hums.

"Whenever." I giggle.

"You can choose. It's your day."


The End

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