Hadley: KeckMature

Turns out selling houses takes longer than I thought. I thought it’d take a couple days and then we’d be either in a hotel or back on our way to Hollywood but no, apparently paperwork and stuff take longer than a couple days. So while Maxxie dealt with all that, I spent my time looking up college courses in and around Hollywood. I know it must sound a little hypocritical saying how much I hate Hollywood but not doing anything about leaving. C’mon, college is a great opportunity to leave home and maybe not go back once you graduate. But the further away I go, the less I’ll see of Maxxie. Sure he’d probably say something about the money from selling the house and how he’d move out to wherever I went, but I couldn’t ask him to do that. Even if he volunteered or suggested it, I still couldn’t let him go through with it. As much as he can try and deny it, he has a life in Hollywood. I hardly do. Think about it; I don’t have a job, I don’t particularly have any skills, I’ve got like one friend and I’ve barely seen him since he got together with Alex.  Pretty much the only sort of life I have back there is my life with Maxxie, and as much as we love each other…

There were pretty much two colleges in Hollywood that weren’t to do with ‘the arts’ (I’ve never understood why it’s called that), those two being Ithaca and some catering one. Which was when I decided to branch out to the general Los Angeles area. I’d like to point out right now that I suck at looking through requirements and specifications and stuff.  I pretty much looked at a couple colleges then gave up for a day or two. I had another look once I’d convinced myself it wasn’t hopeless and that there were more than three colleges in L.A. I started looking again. And there was something about Keck School of Medicine that kept drawing me back. I’d never really been all that interested in medicine and I’d never considered being a doctor. Ever. Well, apart from when me and Cayden used to play hospital and I got too old for him to persuade me into “having surgery”. We wasted a lot of ketchup.

This Keck place wasn’t too shabby. They had a high honors rate, which is always good, and another plus was that it was only about half an hour from Maxxie’s place on the subway. I just had to hope they’d accept me even though I would’ve missed a semester. I could get catch up sessions, couldn’t I? Or a tutor or something. I guess I could see Brent about a job. I know he’s never exactly liked me but I am his best friend’s little brother. That’s gotta count for something. Either way, I’d need to get a job to pay for stuff even though I can already see Maxxie offering to pay for everything. At least leave me my school fees, dude.

Actually, speaking of Maxxie… It kind of sounded like he didn’t want me to go. What would he have against me going to college? I mean, sure we might not see so much of each other but that could easily be because of the hours he works. Come on, he’s essentially on night shift. And yes, I know I’d have school hours on top of work hours but that leaves the evenings free. Which would be free for him as well if he got a day job instead of the bartending. Is it too much for me to ask him to find another job? Then again, he probably wouldn’t need to get a job since he’s got the money from the house. Ugh, why does everything seem to end up tracking back to that money?

The End

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