Hadley: LibidoMature

Maxxie took me to a restaurant in the end, even though he did jokingly take me to a McDonald’s. I didn’t pay much attention to the place; I was too busy teasing Maxxie. It’s his own fault for paying for all this.  By the time our food actually turned up, I wasn’t all that hungry anymore. I ate most of it anyway, just because I’d feel bad if I didn’t. Actually, maybe that was why I didn’t feel like eating...


I flopped on the bed once we got back to the hotel. When we’d gotten here, the plan had been dinner and sex but my libido seemed to have fucked off with my appetite. To be honest, I kind of just wanted to go to sleep.

Maxxie crawled over me and kissed me. I smiled and kissed back, willing myself to stay awake a bit longer. He lay on his side next to me and wrapped me in a hug. I hugged him and kissed back kind of lazily when he started kissing me some more.

"Sleepy?" he asked.

"Kind of"

He smiled and stroked my hair, planting a lighter kiss on my lips. I hummed and he hugged me a little closer. I snuggled against him and he kissed the top of my head. I smiled and kissed his neck lightly, earning a hum in response. I pressed my forehead to his chest like I normally seem to do when I fall asleep and felt Maxxie playing with the hair in the nape of my neck. He snuggled a bit more and I felt myself starting to fall asleep. I could tell Maxxie wasn’t tired but he stayed with me anyway. He might’ve moved after I fell asleep but then again I wouldn’t know, would I?


The next thing I was aware of was a phone going off. I was only sort of half awake and thought for a second that it must’ve been Caleb calling to see how I was. But then reality set in again and I remembered I still hadn’t replaced my phone. Maxxie answered, kind of sleepy himself, and groaned slightly. I opened one eye a watched him.

"No, mum I'm not in London right now" he mumbled.

I sort of listened in, only really picking up on certain words.

"I'm on a break with Bu- Hadley. You woke me up. I wanna sleep" he whined and glanced at me. "I think you woke us both up. We'll be back in a couple of days or something... I dunno. Lemme alone"

I woke up a teeny bit more and even thought about opening the other eye. ‘Thought about’ being the main point of that sentence.

"Well if you're bored go visit granddad. You're not coming here" he said, starting to sound kind of annoyed. "No. Bye, mum" he hung up and threw his phone on the floor, snuggling with me again.

"Wha's that all about?" I asked sleepily.

"Mum got all pissy that we took off without a word to anyone"

I shut my eyes. "Shoulda left a note"


I was still sleepy and Maxxie playing with my hair wasn’t helping.

"You can go back to sleep if you want*

I hummed and snuggled up to him, not really minding that he hugged me kind of tight. I started falling asleep again and soon enough I was dreaming. Is it bad that I was dreaming about Maxxie?


I woke up to see Maxxie lying next to me, sort of staring absently at the TV.

"Hey" I smiled.

He glanced over and smiled back.

I gave a tiny yawn. "What time is it?"

"Nearly half three"



"I was asleep that long?

He nodded and I blushed a tiny bit. "You should've woken me up"

He smiled and pecked me on the cheek. "Not like we had anything planned"

"So be spontaneous" I chuckled and he grinned.

"I was. I let you sleep and spent all day watching TV" he said with a wink.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, making him laugh slightly. I hummed and closed my eyes.

"Don't go back to sleep" he said, sounding kind of amused.

I smiled. "I'm not"

He shuffled over me on all fours and kissed me lightly. I kissed back and he smiled. I mirrored it and ran a hand through his hair. He kissed me again and I hummed.

"Where d'you wanna go tonight? We can go anywhere" he smiled, "or we can stay here, if you prefer"

I smiled a little. "I'm too lazy to go anywhere. Unless you wanna go out, I mean"

"Only wanna go out if you do, gorgeous"

I hummed a little. "Staying here it is then"

"We can watch a film or something" he said with a smile and I smiled back.

"Sure" I said and pulled him down to snuggle.

He hugged me. "You can choose"

"A horror" I chuckled and he smiled slightly.

"You and your horrors"

I kissed his cheek and he hummed. I already felt kind of tired even though I’d only just woken up but I was determined to stay up for the whole movie. And you never know, maybe all the cuddling would get my libido working again.

The End

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