Hadley: Don't Spend Too MuchMature

I wasn’t expecting anything, really. It’s just the way he said it made it sound like he was implying something. I settled for pecking him on the lips and snuggling til I had to finish getting dressed. Next thing I knew, we were in Paris. I was expecting the next couple of days to be mushy what with Paris supposedly being the most romantic city in the world, but Maxxie paying for it all was still bugging me.  "Don't spend too much, okay?"

He nodded and I smiled, linking arms with him. He smiled back.

"So, where first?" I asked.

"A room in a hotel for the next couple of nights would be good"

"Right" I nodded.

He took me to a nice hotel and I already thought he’d spent too much. It must’ve been written on my face because he giggled.

"Well you never did say how much was 'too much'"

I rolled my eyes.


"You're impossible" I smiled.

He grinned and I tutted.

"You wouldn't have me any other way"

"Sure about that?" I smirked.

"Maybe a bit shorter" he giggled and I chuckled.


He grinned and kissed me on the cheek, giving me time to smile before he flopped on the bed. I lay down next to him on my side. He rolled onto his side and put an arm over me, humming as I smiled and kissed his forehead. I pressed my forehead to his and he hugged me a little tighter. We stayed like it for a while and I’m pretty sure I started falling asleep. I heard Maxxie laughing a tiny bit and I opened one eye.


"You seem to have a habit of going sleepy when we hug. I'm not that boring am I?"

I giggled. "Nope but you're nice and warm"

He chuckled and kissed me, playing with my hair when I kissed back lazily.

I hummed. "You're gonna make me fall asleep"

He kissed my forehead. "You can sleep if you want"

"So you can perv on me?"

He giggled and rolled his eyes. "Of course"

I pecked him on the lips. "Don't think I'll give you the pleasure this time"

He pouted and I giggled.

"I'll just have to perv on you while you're awake then"

I smiled and he smiled back, kissing me.

"So apart from sleep, what d'you wanna do while we're here?" he asked, snuggling up to me.

"Mmm, I don't mind"

"I didn't really think much beyond dinner and sex" he giggled.

"Well aren't you a gentleman” I laughed and he grinned. "How much of a heart attack is dinner going to give me?"

"Why would it give you a heart attack"?

"The whole spending thing"

"I'll take you to McDonald's if it really bothers you that much" he chuckled and I smiled. "I don't wanna end up giving you a heart attack"

He pecked me on the lips and I hummed. He smiled and I hummed again.

"I guess I could deal with a restaurant if you really wanted to take me there"

"S'up to you Bunny"

I kissed his cheek. "Whatever makes you happy"

He smiled and hugged me when I cuddled up to him. I would’ve happily stayed like that all night, and apparently so would Maxxie since neither of us moved for a long while. 

The End

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