Maxxie: MaybeMature

Am I allowed to squeal? Fan girl style? He wants to spend his life with me. And more importantly, we feel the same way. I settle for staying snuggled with him there, one arm around his waist, my other hand still on the bruise I gave him. I kiss his neck a small idea forming in my head.

All I need to do is sweeten him up enough to let me spend my money on him.

He smiles and I put my head on his shoulder. He plays with my hair, making me smile too. Not that making me smile would be hard right now. Impatient, I can't be bothered to wait to ask if I'm allowed to spend my money.

"Why don't we spend a bit longer in France than just this evening?" I mumble.

"Depends what you had in mind," he replies with a smile.

"I was thinking a romantic couple of nights in Paris or something equally mushy," I chuckle slightly, feeling my cheeks heat up. He kisses my cheek.

"Sounds great." And here comes the part you won't be a fan of, Bunny boy.

"But it'd be my treat," I smile, "which involves me spending my money. So no more confiscating my wallet." He groans a teeny bit and I kiss his neck again. He pouts a little.

"I don't like you spending money on me."

"You can pay for the Euro star if you're that against it, but the rest is on me." He gives me the puppy eyes at that. "What?" He twists and buries his head in my shoulder.

"I feel bad when you spend money on me. Especially on stuff I don't need." I smile slightly.

"I dunno why you feel bad. It's not like I'm living on a tight budget."

"I used to feel bad when Mom and Dad bought me stuff I didn't need," he shrugs and I kiss him, hugging him to me.

"Then after this I'll do my best to not spend my money on things you don't need - how's that?"

He kisses back, "I guess I can work with that." I smile, wondering vaguely what he would say if I spent "too much" on him at Christmas. He returns the smile and I go back to snuggling up against him, enjoying how close and warm he is. I feel his lips on my forehead and hum happily. If the situation with the parents wasn't there, life would be pretty much perfect right now. I can't think of many ways it could be better. I mean, Cay would be less withdrawn and more like the Cay I'd gotten to know. England would be warmer. Hadley could be less reserved about me spending money on him.

I'm sure there's more, but right now, that's about it. My thoughts are cut off as Hadley snuggles a bit more and closes his eyes. My hand wanders up and tangles gently in his hair, drawing a hum from him.


A while later, we finally managed to untangle ourselves from each other and I set about cleaning the house and hiding all our stuff out of sight - including the porn - leaving the place all neat and tidy should the estate agents have people that want to look around. Hadley's watching me cleaning. Which amuses me. What's interesting about watching me clean? I catch him smiling a few times and smile back, the urge to just cuddle on the sofa with him almost overpowering my OCD cleaning habits. Almost.

Still, I make short work of the place and flop onto the sofa when I'm done. When he giggles a little, I pout at him and put my arms out, demanding a hug. Chuckling, he hugs me and I grin.

"I'll go drop off my house keys at the estate agents in a bit so they can have people view the house while we're away, and then we get our asses over to the Euro star. Unless there's something you want to do before we go?" he just giggles a little. Don't get your hopes up too much, Bunny boy, I just cleaned. I roll my eyes.

"What?" he giggles again.

"Nothing," I chuckle.

"Sure," he says, holding back a laugh. I kiss him and he kisses back, his arms snaking around my waist.

"Well maybe we could," I muse, smiling slightly, "maybe. I'd have to be persuaded first, though."


The End

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