Hadley: On The Same PageMature

What Maxxie, or really what Maxxie’s grandpa said kept playing in my head. I guess kind of in a way that means he’s not bothered by the fact that I’m a lot younger than Maxxie. But then again, that could’ve just been a polite way of saying “I hope things go well, but they won’t because he’s too young”.  It was still buzzing round my skull as we went down for breakfast and I ended up just having a coffee.

"Sure you don't want anything else?" Maxxie asked, biting into a slice of toast.

I shook my head. "Not hungry"

He frowned a tiny bit.


"Nothing" he shrugged.


"Yeah" he kissed my cheek and smiled slightly, "just don't pass out, eh?"

I smiled back. "There isn't enough sugar in stuff over here anyway"

He rolled his eyes. "It's one of the few things I like about England"

"I like things sweet" I chuckled.

"Am I sweet enough to keep you going?" he asked with a wink and I giggled.

"You'll do"

He giggled.

"What's the plan for today, then?"

"No idea. Any thoughts?"

I hummed. "I kinda want to go do something but I kinda just want to stay here"

"Well we can chillax here for a while and then go do something?"

"Sounds good to me"

"But go where...?"

"How should I know?" I giggled.

"Because secretly you know everything about London and what there is to do here."

"Well then maybe I'm secretly testing your knowledge"

He smiled. "London's boring. We could always go wander round France for a while like granddad suggested yesterday. But without the old man"

I looked at him innocently. "Am I allowed to be obnoxiously American?"

"Well I'm going to be obnoxiously English, so I don't see why not" he chuckled and I smiled. "I'll try not to give into the temptation to spend all my time shopping though" he giggled.

"Oh God, not more shopping"

He ruffled my hair. "I'm kidding"

I hugged his waist and he hugged back, kissing the top of my head when I sighed contentedly. I squeezed him gently and he smiled.

"I need to get changed but I don't wanna move" I mumbled.

"D'you want me yo carry you?" he giggled and I grinned.

"If you wouldn't mind"

He carried me upstairs and I kissed him on the cheek before going to get changed. Maxxie, already dressed, lay down on the bed. I’d swapped my jeans and boxers and had just taken my t-shirt off when I caught sight of my reflection. I stood in front of the mirror, checking out the bruises on my hips. I ran a finger over them, expecting them to sting a little.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" Maxxie asked, looking over at me.

I smiled. "No, you didn't hurt me"

He sat up and reached over, pulling me back towards the bed. He pulled me onto his lap and sort of gently stroked my bruises. He kissed my neck and I hummed. He hugged my waist and I lean back on him, kissing his cheek. He smiled and I shut my eyes, mirroring it.

"I'm glad I met you"

He kissed my cheek. "Yeah? I'm glad I met you, too"

I hummed. "I meant it earlier. I really do love you"

He kissed me. "I love you too. And I mean it as well"

I hugged him and kissed back, smiling as he squeezed me a little. He hummed as I kissed his neck and ran a hand through his hair. He smiled and kissed me again and I kissed back a tiny bit harder. He kissed down my neck and rested his head on my shoulder. I played with his hair and he sighed happily. I smiled and ran a finger over my bruises, noticing him watching me and blushed. He smiled and I smiled back, tracing the same bruise. He watched me again and I couldn’t help but think how they’d only match his hands. I took one of his hands and lined it up with the bruise, almost smiling at the way they matched perfectly.  His hand was pressed against my hip but he was being gentle about it.

I chuckled. "Don't worry, they don't hurt"

"Mmm. I don't want to end up making them hurt though"

I smiled. "I wouldn't mind"

"I would" he smiled back.

I chuckled and pressed his hand down a little more. "I like them"

He laughed slightly. "You    like     having bruises?"

"Not all bruises. Just these ones"

He hummed and squeezed a tiny bit. I kissed him lightly and he kissed back, making me hum.  Smiling, he rested his head back on my shoulder.

I chuckled slightly. "Is it too soon to say I want to spend my life with you?"

He laughed a little and considered it for a second. Oh God, please don’t say yes. "No"

I smiled. "Then I want to spend my life with you"

"Good. I'm glad we're on the same page" he grinned and kissed me.

I kissed back. "You mean it?"

He nodded. I smiled and kissed him again, cuddling him. He snuggled up to me and I sighed contentedly. I wasn’t lying, y’know? I really meant it. And hey, maybe I’m just being a stupid, naive kid but you know what? I don’t care. I fucking love him and that’s all that matters.

The End

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