It was so refreshing to be kissing someone I hadn't kissed before. I mean, really amazingly refreshing. She was just beautifully fresh, and I could feel the old me shining through every new thing about me.

I let her tongue slide in to my mouth, and felt her pressing at my back. Yeah, it felt good. I sat up, and slid one leg over her, straddling her so as to kiss her better. She paused.

"What's the matter?"

"I thought you wanted to go slow?"

"I do. We're not going to have sex Nett. Not yet anyway. You can decide when that happens if you'd like, but right now, I just want to kiss you." I placed my lips back on her and stroked her face. I felt her kissing begin again, and let her slip her hands on to my waist.

"Are you sure you want me to choose?"

"Yeah. I mean, if I'm not ready, I can say no can't I? Or are you going to control me?" I grinned, watching her face. It was obvious she was attempting to adjust to my way of thinking. She'd seen me in action during college, but she'd never been part of it.

Thinking of  college made me flash back to those days. God I'd slept with a lot of women. Woah. A lot of women. I rolled off Nett and cuddled up against her. She settled back to watching the movie, but I was reminiscing.

Stacey Lakeland, first year. She'd been totally hooked on guys, moving from one to the next so fast she was almost the guy dating version of me. I grinned at the memory of the first time I met her. We were at a party, and she was stuck between two guys who were arguing over her. When I saw her I knew the only reason she was going through guys that fast was because she really wanted girls, she just didn't know it. So I 'accidentally' spilled a drink on her, and took her to find a change of clothes. She was standing there in just a bra and pants, waiting for me to find something for her. She looked really nervous, she was biting her lip, and it was really sexy. So when I took the clothes to her, I got in really close, just suggesting to her that I liked her. It took her a few moments before she kissed me, and only a few minutes more for me to have stripped to my underwear. She was good, not the best I'd had, but she was good. She followed me around for about a week, until I told her I liked someone else, and introduced her to a girl who I'd slept with earlier that week. It's amazing the amount of girls who will just go for it, even if they don't even like girls that much.

But the best ones are always the ones that present a challenge. Like Catherine Parks. Straight, very popular, with a jock boyfriend. Whenever I went past the pitch on a jog, I'd see her cheering, and she was in my dorm. So when the oppertunity to talk came, I was all to pleased. She was having trouble in a course, and I was doing really well, so she asked me to tutor her. I agreed. It took time, but eventually she began to like me. I pretended I wasn't interested, and it made her try harder to be next to me. We partied together, and eventually she started asking me about being gay. I said there wasn't much too it, and tried to shrug it off, but she really wanted to know. So I told her it was definately better than having sex with men, and that I thought every woman ought to try it once, to compare. So she said she'd like to try it. And that's when I knew I'd won.

In the end, she spent an entire three months cheating on her boyfriend with me, before someone told him about us. He was surprisingly cool about it, only said that he'd take her back if she never cheated on him again. By that time I was over her, so I was glad when she chose him. They're married now. It was my longest relationship until Annie. Fun. But she was definately a challenge. I like it when women are challenges.

I stare up at Ranette. I wonder why we never did it. I mean, she must have thought about it, the amount of times I'd stolen the room to entertain women. God I was such a slut! But I loved it. I must reminise more often. I feel quite turned on. It's a shame we're going slow really, but I think it may be better this way.

I said I think...

The End

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