Ranette: MaybeMature

I hum and turn my head, totally distracted from the movie by her little kisses on my neck. I push my lips on hers, hoping that she's not looking for a comfort fuck. I don't do comfort fucks. That and she's the one setting the speed of this relationship. She wanted it slow, she'll get it slow.

Snaking one arm around her, I hug her closer to me, drawing her tongue into a dance with mine. She presses her body against mine and I hold her there.

"Nett, you're not doing this just for experiment are you?"


"You know, you're not just doing this to experiment are you? I know you, there's something else."

"Like what?"

"Forget it, doesn't matter," she says, pulling back and lying back down on the sofa. I frown slightly, about to crawl over her on all fours and demand to know what, when she reconsiders. "Actually it does. Do you...have feelings for me Nett?" she pushes herself up again and stares at me expectantly.

"Um... I..." I splutter and sit back, wondering how to answer. Do I have feelings for her? I mean I hadn't really considered it...

"Come on, I won't be offended if you say no. It'll be the same. I'll just know where I stand," she says, and trails her fingers down my arm, "I've done the whole, 'just helping the person experiment' thing before, just tell me the truth."

"I don't know, Rosa," I smile slightly.

"Well then, we'd better make sure you do." She kisses me again, holding my face in her hands and keeping me there. I link my hands in the small of her back, kissing back and wondering whether I have feelings for her or not. Maybe I do. I could've picked anyone to experiment with, but I chose her.




The End

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