Maxxie: got that look in your eyeMature

"You two are disgustingly sweet together," granddad says when I come back downstairs. He smiles though. Apparently he doesn't mind. "You really love the guy, huh?" I nod, smiling to myself a little. "Mmm. You have that look in your eye you used to get around Alex." I whine, embarrassed. "What? It's true! You look all love struck and sappy. It's sickening," he grins and pats my shoulder.

I grumble under my breath and scowl slightly at the floor. He chuckles.

"I hope it works out better for you and him than it did with you and Cayden or Alex."

"Thanks," I mutter, letting him pull me in for a hug.

"Love ya, kiddo," he smiles, moving back, "we'll go to France some other time." I nod.

"Yeah. Love you too, old man," I smile back, opening the door for him.

"Cheeky fuck," he mutters.


Ten minutes later, I'm on the phone, trying to get through to Cayden. I get his voicemail instead and sigh, leaving a message after the third try. "Hey, Cayden, just called to say hi and see how you're doing. Oh, and me and my mum are getting on a little better now. I even managed to hug her the other day without wanting to stab myself. Umm... not much else to say about what's going on over here. It's cold and I miss being in Cali. And granddad keeps trying to escape from his carer. Well, I hope you're okay. Hope Brent didn't kill Gary. And you realise that my first stop when I get back will be to come give you a hug before I pass out from jet lag, right? See you soon."

So I rambled a little. So sue me.

After that, I wander upstairs to spoon with Hadley, not bothering to undress before climbing under the covers with him.


I'm sort of asleep when Hadley wakes back up. You know how when you're not really tired, but just lazing around doing nothing makes you sleepy anyway? Yeah well anyway I'm like that.

At least I am until Hadley turns in my arms and kisses me, "Wake up, gorgeous." I kiss back lazily, waking up a bit, smiling as he sort of nuzzles my neck. His lips find mine again and we kiss for a long moment. And then we kiss quite a lot more. I hum a little and he starts shuffling down. I watch, kind of amused, and kind of curious. He giggles, kissing my stomach, making me smile and think of being his slave for the day.

He shuffles down a little further and grins up at me, earning a chuckle from me. He giggles and unbuttons my jeans, giving me a pretty unexpected, but very welcome, blow job. To my surprise, he swallows most of it, and I pull him back up for a kiss, tasting myself on his tongue as he kisses back hard. I smile and pull back, moving down to suck him off in return, listening as he moans. Once he's done, I move back up, hugging him against me as he snuggles.

I catch his cheeks turning a light pink and wonder why for a second before he says; "I love you so much." I smile. Not just for my blow jobs, I hope.

"I love you too," I murmur, planting a kiss on the crook of his shoulder. I sort of wonder about what granddad said before he left. Hadley smiles and hums. The smile is replaced by a curious expression after a moment and I guess I must have looked kinda thoughtful.

"Just thinking about something granddad said before he left earlier," I smile at the unfading curious face. "He said that I have the same look in my eye around you that I used to have around Alex and that he hopes it works out better for us than it did for me and Alex."


The End

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