Hadley: Don't Get Too DrunkMature

I finished kissing Maxxie after a while, finally letting him go so grandpa could talk to him. I didn’t enjoy stopping, but I did just for grandpa. Aren’t I nice?

"Are you done?"

I smiled and nodded.

"Good. I want to go out and do something for the day"

"Like what?"

"Anything that doesn't involve staying in London. I escaped my carer for the day, I don't wanna waste my time in the city"

I smiled and looked at Maxxie. There’s not much point in telling me that; I don’t even know what’s in the city, let alone outside.

"Sure" he shrugged and I smiled at grandpa again, getting a grin in response.


Turns out the old guy just wanted to go fishing. So we took him. And while he did, um, fishing-y stuff, me and Maxxie snuggled up on a bench. Personally, I didn’t know they had benches by rivers but there you go. Either way, sitting on a randomly placed bench was nicer than sitting on the grass. I like grass, don’t get me wrong. But this place is cold. And when it gets cold, grass gets cold. Well, really the soil and stuff underneath it but you know what I mean.

Maxxie hugged me, watching what grandpa was doing. The old guy seemed to be having fun so I didn’t pay him much attention. I hummed and Maxxie kissed me, resting his head on my shoulder when we broke apart. I played with his hair and he smiled, kissing my neck. I hummed again.

He kissed the spot between my jaw and my ear. "I love you, Bunny boy"

I shivered a tiny bit. "I love you too, Maxxie"

He squeezed me gently and smiled. And the gentleness was greatly appreciated considering the vaguely hand-shaped bruises on my waist. I didn’t mind them, though. It’s not like they were painful. If anything, they were kind of like a larger scale hickey. At least to me anyway.

I kissed his forehead, noticing for the first time that he was kind of cold. I huggled him, wrapping my arms around him to try and warm him up and he hugged back.

"I can't wait to get back to Cali" he chuckled slightly and I smiled.

"I don't know, it's not so bad here"

"It's all rainy and grey"

"Besides that"

He hummed at that. I watched grandpa a bit, trying to somehow work out where the enjoyment comes from in fishing. I’ve never understood it. Sure we used to go crabbing and stuff when we lived back in Australia but that was just a kind of family weekend activity thing. So basically, Mom and Dad used to buy us ice cream, we’d go play on some rocks and they’d do something to occupy themselves.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Maxxie asked after a while.


He got up and went over to grandpa, mumbling "We're just going for a walk. Don't run away, 'kay?"

Grandpa nodded and I put an arm round Maxxie’s waist. He did the same to me and started walking in a random direction. I didn’t mind where we went, really. I leant my head against Max’s shoulder and he smiled, hugging me a little closer and kissing the top of my head.

I smiled. "Thought you weren't a fan of walking"

"Mmm. This is okay, though. It's walking to get somewhere that I don't like"

I laughed and he grinned.

"But if it was with you, even that'd be okay" he giggled.

I smiled and blushed a tiny bit. It made me think back to Halloween and trick or treating. That’s essentially walking to get somewhere and he didn’t complain then. He hummed and I kissed his cheek, having to stand on my toes to reach. Fuck you, shortness.

He smiled and kissed back. I sighed contentedly, enjoying the quiet even if it did come from neither of us saying anything. I closed my eyes, leaning on Maxxie a little more and trusting him not to walk me off a cliff or into a tractor or something. Thankfully he didn’t so when I opened my eyes after a while, I smiled up at him. He smiled back and pecked me on the lips.

We eventually wandered back over to grandpa, getting comfy on that bench again. Maxxie snuggled up to me again and felt slightly warmer. I kissed his neck a couple times and he tilted his head. I could be so mean right now, Maxxie, but I won’t be. I kept kissing and licked one of his hickeys. He shivered a tiny bit and I giggled, doing it again. He shivered once more and I hummed, hugging him. He smiled, though whether it was at that or at grandpa getting grouchy over not having caught anything yet I didn’t know.

I laughed a tiny bit at grandpa. "Is he gonna catch anything before we freeze?"

"Probably not" Maxxie smiled.

I giggled. "Haven't got time for a quickie in the bushes, have we?"

"If you're desperate enough to freeze your balls off, sure" he chuckled and I giggled again.

I cuddled up to him, getting hugged back. I know I might as well change my name to Captain Obvious but I liked having Maxxie around. I felt constantly wanted around him. I guess that’s kinda selfish, huh?

"I love you" I kind of whispered.

He smiled and whispered back "I love you too"

I kissed him kind of hard, threading my fingers through his hair when he kissed back. My hands moved down to his waist when we started making out and he hummed a little. I nipped at his bottom lip and he kissed harder. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his jeans when grandpa glanced around at us.

"Can you not at least wait til you get home til you get all over each other? You're scaring the fish away. I blame you two"

I giggled and pecked Maxxie on the lips, intending to cut it out for a while but he grinned and kissed back and soon enough I was fighting the urge to start making out with him again. Maxxie wasn’t fighting the urge at all, and soon enough I ended up with each thumb hooked in one of his belt loops. He linked his hands in the small of my back and I hummed, making him smile. I grinned back and he chuckled. I kissed his nose and his smile fell a tiny bit. He put his head on my shoulder and I felt a frown tugging at my features.

"You okay?"

He glanced up and smiled. "Yeah"

I must’ve still been frowning because he asked me "What's the frown for?"

I sighed a tiny bit. "Nothing, really"

He didn’t quite believe me but didn’t push it so I kissed his forehead. "Don't worry about it, I'm just being stupid"

He played with my hair. "Stupid about what, gorgeous?"

"When I kissed your nose, you sort of... I don't know"

"Oh" he smiled slightly and pecked me on the cheek, "Cay used to do that. It just reminded me that I haven't checked on how he's doing for ages"

 "Told you I was just being stupid" I smiled.

"Mhm" he chuckled, "remind me to call him when we get back" he looked over at grandpa, "   if     we ever get back"

I giggled.

"Just a couple more hours, kids" grandpa smiled, "if I don't catch anything we can catch the eurostar to France or something for dinner"

I laughed a little. "Why go to France?"

"Nice food there. Max  will probably try to spend all of his inheritance, though"

"Not if I kidnap his wallet again"

"Along with mine?" he chuckled.

I chuckled as well. "If I have to"

Maxxie pouted and I prodded him gently.


I smiled. "Nothing"

He pretended to scowl and I kissed his cheek. Yeah, that made him smile. I straddled him but did nothing more than lean my head on his shoulder. He hugged me there and I hummed. He kissed the top of my head and I kissed his neck, moving up to his jaw when he tilted his head. He hummed a little as I moved along his jaw and down the other side of his neck. He titled his head the other way and I giggled a little bit, going back up to his jaw. He smiled and kissed me, hugging me close. He put his head back on my shoulder and kissed it. I hummed and pecked him on the cheek, putting my arms around his neck when he closed his eyes. I shut mine as well and we sat quietly like that til grandpa got bored and started packing up.

"I don't wanna move" Maxxie mumbled.

"Me either"

Grandpa smiled at us. "I'll be in the pub"

I smiled.

Maxxie closed his eyes again and hummed. "Don't get too drunk"

"I won't" he looked back at us and sort of nodded to himself before wandering off to the pub.

I rested my head on his chest and he hugged me. I hugged back and hummed as he played with my hair. I closed my eyes and started falling asleep after a while. I was vaguely aware of Maxxie wrapping my legs around his waist and carrying me somewhere.

"Thanks" I mumbled, half asleep.

He smiled and kissed my cheek. "S'okay"

I hugged him a little tighter as he went and got grandpa from the pub and walked back to the car. I sort of woke up a bit then but grandpa opened the back door and Maxxie got in, keeping me on his lap. I smiled, hugging him a little more as grandpa drove us back to the house. I was pretty much asleep when we got there, and Maxxie carried me up to bed.

"Make it up to you later" I mumbled. I’m not sure what I’m making up for exactly.

He smiled. "No need" he pushed my hair back and kissed my forehead, "I'll be back in a minute"


He went off to say bye to grandpa, I think. I don’t know, I was already asleep.

The End

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