Maxxie: stainsMature

The next morning, I'm rudely pulled from my sleep by the doorbell going off. I groan, earning a chuckle from Hadley.

"Want me to get it?"

"No," I mumble sleepily, hugging him, fully intent on ignoring whoever's at the door. I hum, resting my head more on his shoulder than on my pillow, and smile as he plays with my hair. I snuggle up to him, almost asleep again when the person at the door rings the bell again.

"Sure you don't want me to get it?"

"Just ignore it, they'll go soon-" I'm cut off by the doorbell again and I whine. He laughs, kissing me on the cheek. I pull a pillow over my head, still inwardly complaining as Hadley puts on some clothes. A couple of moments later, Hadley shouts up at me that granddad, of all people, has decided to visit. I moan into the pillow, kind of annoyed. I love my granddad and everything, but I was quite happy lying there remembering yesterday, thanks very much.

After a few minutes, I drag myself out of bed grumpily and get dressed, sulking all the way into the kitchen. Hadley's chattering away to granddad so I take that as an opportunity to make myself a coffee. In fact, I might as well have not bothered getting up, ‘cause they both ignore me anyways.

At least until granddad notices that I have coffee and they don't.

"Not gonna offer us a coffee, Max?" he chuckles.

"You woke me up. I don't like you anymore."

Hadley laughs at that and I scowl. "Your poor old grandfather isn't even offered a coffee. Am I allowed to sit down?" I turn my scowl on him instead. Hadley's just standing there trying not to laugh.

"Sure, old man, you can sit down," I say, holding back a smirk as I remember what we've been using that sofa for recently.

"Good," he smiles, "make us a cuppa," he winks as he walks into the living room.

"You can kiss my ass, old man," I mutter under my breath. Hadley shakes his head and laughs as I turn and make him his tea anyways. "Coffee?" I ask him.

"No thanks," he smiles. I'm about to offer him breakfast when I hear granddad tutting.

"Sofas are made to be sat on, Max, not fucked on. You got cum on it." Trust the git to be blunt. I glower at his tea as Hadley's cheeks light up and his smile falls a little. "Honestly, have you never heard of cleaning up after yourself?" I take the tea through to him, finding him looking at the arm chair dubiously. "Is the chair safe?"

"Yes, granddad," I roll my eyes, "the chair's safe." He grunts and sits in it, taking his cup. I go and get some wipes to clean up my mess. Even when I've cleared it up, Hadley's still blushing. I giggle slightly and peck him on the lips. "He's an asshole, just ignore him." He relaxes and puts an arm around me. Putting down the cleaning wipes, I hug his waist and kiss him on the forehead. "C'mon. We better entertain our guest, or he'll start making jokes about how the sofa's getting more action than him or something," I mutter.  He laughs.

"I'm not so sure I like your grandpa so much anymore." I chuckle and pull him over to the sofa, sitting with him on my lap. Granddad looks like he's trying not to smile.

"And put the porn away," he says, doing his best not to chuckle. Hadley giggles.

"What, and deprive us all of the sight of a cock in a cute guy's mouth? Why would I do that?" That said, I can hardly see the DVD cover from here.

"You're gonna make me jealous," Hadley says with a fake pout. I fake pout right back at him.

"Poor bubba," I smile, kissing him. As he kisses back, I see granddad looking up at the ceiling. Me and Hadley both giggle and he looks back at us, pretending to scowl. Biting back another giggle - or trying to - Hadley kisses me again.

"When you two are quite done," granddad says, clearing his throat. 


The End

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