Hadley: MidnightMature


We stayed snuggled up on the sofa and before I knew it, it was nearly midnight. It almost seemed a shame to get up. I stayed where I was, playing with Maxxie’s hair and kind of hoping he hadn’t noticed the time. The kiss that followed shortly after showed that he most certainly had noticed the time. I kissed back and he kissed harder, though there was something still submissive about his behaviour. I matched it and climbed onto his lap, straddling him. Submissive Maxxie won’t do, now will it?

He hummed and I kissed him softly. “Upstairs”

He nodded and got off the couch, pulling me up with him. I took his hand and hoped he’d get the hint that I was done being dominant for a while. He squeezed my hand, though, so apparently he hadn’t picked up on it yet. I led him upstairs, even though I would’ve preferred being led up myself. Or being carried upstairs. But nope, Maxxie followed me up like the submissive guy he is. Fuck.

I flopped on the bed once we got upstairs, biting my lip. C’mon, dude, pick up on it. He crawled over me and kissed me. There we go. I kissed back hungrily, all of a sudden a lot more into it now Maxxie had seemingly picked up on my hints. He hummed and grinded his hips into mine, forcing a loud moan out of me. I blushed within seconds. Did I really just do that? Maxxie just smiled and started undressing. I stripped myself down to my boxers pretty quick. Classy.

Maxxie palmed and kissed me as I hugged his waist. He pressed our hips together again and I moaned, a little quieter this time. Next second we were both out of our boxers and Maxxie was leaning over to the suitcase for some lube. I whined a tad at the holdup but soon enough, he was lubed up and inside me.

I moaned at that alone, not bothering to be embarrassed by it. He set a pace and hit that spot in me almost instantly. I moaned out and he smiled, aiming for that spot with each thrust and hitting it pretty much every time. I’m more than aware of the fact that I did quite a bit of moaning. I’m also aware I gasped out “harder” and “faster” a couple times. I wasn’t even aware of how close I was til his hand closed around my dick, pumping in time with each thrust. I fought back my orgasm for as long as I could, not wanting it to be over but eventually I couldn’t hold out any longer, coming hard on both mine and Maxxie’s stomachs. I tightened around him as I came, sending him over the edge.

He pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to me, both of us trying to catch our breath. He snuggled up to me, ignoring the jizz on both of our stomachs, and I leant against him, feeling at home surrounded by his warmth. I kissed him lazily and rested my head against his chest, already feeling myself starting to fall asleep.

The End

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