Hadley: You're EvilMature

Am I evil for making Maxxie cook dinner? Especially evil for saying it had to be romantic? Is it even worse if I say I kind of like being evil? Tut tut, Maxxie, look what you’ve turned me in to.

I sat awaiting my carbonara, smiling as Maxxie even remembered to light a couple candles in the middle of the table. He came in with the carbonara, attempting not to look nervous even though he so obviously was. I smiled.


I nodded and he quickly got some white wine out of the fridge and grabbed some glasses. I watched with a smile as he concentrated on not spilling the wine. It was all quite adorable to be honest. He sat down and returned the smile, albeit a tiny bit nervously.

"If you get food poisoning, I'm really sorry"

"I won't get food poisoning” I laughed.

"You've clearly never tried my cooking before" he mumbled and I laughed again.

I took a bite and smiled as Maxxie ate some too. "It's good"

He smiled back. "Thanks"

I ate some more but he still looked a little uncertain, bless him. I was still finding it adorable and apparently Maxxie could tell because he blushed. I smiled again and he drank some of his wine. I’d only really sipped at mine, I’m not that much of a wine fan. When the two of us were finished eating, Maxxie collected the plates and got dessert. Which happened to be a lemon cheesecake, made by him as were the rules.

I kissed him once we’d both finished and he kissed back, no doubt still convinced dinner was a failure. Leaving everything where it was, I stood and pulled Maxxie over to the couch. I sat down and looked up at him but he didn’t seem to catch the hint, sitting with me. I shook my head and pulled him onto my lap, sort of forcing him to straddle me. He smiled slightly and kissed me. I kissed back harder and snaked my hands down to his hips. He hummed at that. I grinned and groped his ass just a bit. He smiled and kissed my neck. I tilted my head and he kept kissing my neck, adding my shoulder to the mix. I hummed as he put his hands on my hips and kissed along my jaw. I inched my hands closer to his crotch and unbuttoned his jeans. He slid his hands under my (technically his) shirt and I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his boxers. He sort of shifted a little, trying to get some kind of relief and I giggled as my hand “accidentally” brushed against his crotch. He moaned and I flashed him a kind of evil grin

He closed his eyes and took a breath before opening them, attempting to be patient. I looked up at him innocently. The submissive look in his eye said it all; he was completely under my command. I pecked him on the lips but that was about it. He groaned and I giggled. He buried his head in my neck and I ran a finger down his spine, smiling when he shivered slightly. I kissed the top of his head and he whined.

"What?" I asked, holding back a laugh.

"I think you know what” he mumbled.

I gave him an innocent look. "Nope"

"It'd be much appreciated if the problem you've created downstairs could be sorted out"

I smirked. "You're mine to play with today, remember?"

He nodded and I giggled a tiny bit.

"So this is me playing"

He closed his eyes again and bit his lip. I kissed his forehead and he smiled a little. I moved my hands back down to his hips and he leant his forehead against mine. I played with the zip on his jeans and he pushed forward against my hand. I moved my hand back.


He bit his lip and I undid his zip. He was just about managing to stay still when I slipped a hand into his boxers. He moaned and I giggled. He gripped my waist under my shirt and I kissed him, grinning at how hard he kissed back. He almost shifted to try and make me move my hand but I just flashed him an evil grin, maybe wiggling my fingers a tiny bit. He whined and I giggled. He kissed me, gripping my waist a little harder and I pecked him on the lips.

"Beg" I said innocently.

"Please" he mumbled.


"Please” he said a little louder.

"Please what?"

"Fuck me... anything"

I grinned and made out like I was gonna give him a handjob. He groaned and I felt a smile tugging at my lips as I pulled my hand out. "Maybe later"

He gave a sort of whimper. I sort of pushed him off my lap and stood up, hooking a finger under his chin and leading him upstairs. I pulled him into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He quickly undressed me but I took my sweet time getting him naked. He made a few attempts to get me to hurry up but I just ignored them. I could tell he was doing his best to behave so I pulled him into the shower. He started washing me in an attempt to distract himself so I “accidentally” brushed my hand past his crotch again. He bit back a moan and I hummed a little as he kissed me. He palmed me a little and I smiled before groping him. He was no doubt trying to get me back for all the teasing but I palmed him a tiny bit and he groaned impatiently.

"Blow me?"

He nodded, kneeling and going down on me as if he was gonna get something in return. I pulled him up once he was done and knelt down myself. I licked my lips and felt Maxxie thread his fingers through my hair. I put my hands on his hips and kissed his stomach, grinning as he tugged on my hair a little. I kissed his stomach again and stood up. He leant his head back on the wall and I could tell he was resisting the urge to jus deal with it himself. I pinned his hands against the wall up by his head and lightly pressed my hips to his. He moaned and I kissed him, pulling back when he kissed back almost desperately.

"I want to hear you beg again"

"Please, Hadley"

"Please what?" I asked, almost huskily.

"Please get me off. I don't care how, just give me a fucking release"

I smiled. "Alright. After midnight"

He whined and I grinded my hips into his. He let out a gasp and a moan. God, I’m being mean today.

I chuckled. "After midnight"

"How long's that?"

"Three or four hours away"

"You're officially the most evil boyfriend I've had"

I laughed at that? Me the most evil? Seriously?

"Not funny" he whined.

"It's kinda funny"

He pouted and I pecked him on the lips, getting out of the shower with a smile. I laughed again as he switched to cold water and didn’t get out til his hard on had calmed down.

He hugged me once he’d gotten out. "You're evil"

"I know" I smiled.

He dried off and got dressed. I’d already dried myself off and was quite happy in just my boxers. He looked kind of cold so I held my arms out for a hug. He hugged me and my hands started wandering south as a joke. He put his head on my shoulder and I smiled.


He hummed in agreement and I put an arm round him, walking downstairs. We snuggled up on the sofa which was exactly where I intended to stay. I was also intending on having sex in bed this time. And I was most certainly intending on being the one being fucked.

The End

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