Maxxie: CarbonaraMature

So I'm Hadley's personal slave for the day. When I'd woken up to see him already awake, I'd expected him to reel off a long list of things that he'd thought of for me to do, of varying sexual degrees, while I was asleep. Instead, I was met with demands for breakfast and my shirt. And that's it. So far, anyways.

Oh and he thought of a punishment should I misbehave. Seriously. Taking me to a strip club is nearly as bad as hiring a cleaner and not letting me spend my money. Maybe I should add that to the miniature handbook of How to Please Maxxie Fuller.

After a few moments, Hadley suggests going to the movies.

"Am I allowed to go put on another shirt?" He pretends to consider it for a moment before telling me ‘yes'. With a kiss, I slip out from under him and quickly go upstairs to find another shirt. When I come back down, I go to the living room to find my wallet before returning to Hadley.

"The strip club thing still applies by the way," he tells me with a giggle.

"Well buying a couple of movie tickets is okay, isn't it?" he pulls a thinking face.

"I guess. But anything more than that and it's the strip club for you."

"I can't buy the popcorn?"

"Nope." Bah, fine. I can cope with that if it keeps me out a strip club.

"'Kay. You gonna get dressed?" I smile. He giggles.

"I can't move. I don't have legs."

"Oh, you poor thing. Shall I carry you up the stairs?" I do my best not to laugh as he nods. I pick him up and carry him, both of us giggling, to the bedroom, laying him down on the bed. He gives me a huge grin and I don't even need telling that he's not about to dress himself. He laughs as I pull a pair of jeans on him and once I'm done I pick him back up, his lips instantly on mine. I kiss back and smile, taking him down to the car.

As I drive over to the Odeon, Hadley's hand somehow finds its way into my crotch. I do my best to ignore as he gives me a boner, biting my lip a little in an effort to anchor my concentration on driving. He lets out another giggle.

"What film d'you wanna see?" I ask in another attempt to distract myself from the fact that my sex drive is apparently making up for lost time. He hums a little.

"I don't mind." Helpful.

"Horror or comedy?" The grin on his face says it all.


"The Last Exorcism it is then," I mutter, wondering what I'm letting myself in for.


I cling to him most of the way through. He keeps teasing me, though, so I'm distracted from it anyway. I'm fairly sure I moan a couple of times, too. Not that anyone can hear. I still blush, though. I catch him grinning, though his eyes stay on the screen. I have my head buried in his shoulder, trying not to squirm every time his hand reaches for my dick. My poor, poor dick. It's been up for nearly two hours now. That's gonna start hurting soon.

He sort of strokes my hair and I stay there like that til the end of the movie. He kisses the top of my head and I finally look up as the lights start to come back on.

"Can I go have a wank now?" I mumble, making Hadley giggle again.

"Nope." I whine. He pecks me on the lips and ‘accidentally' brushes his hand over my crotch. Do that again, Bunny boy, and I'm actually going to just jizz in my pants. Right here. In the middle of a cinema full of people that can now see stuff that isn't the screen. I moan, unable to hold it back, and blush. Hadley? He's just sitting there trying not to laugh at me. And I can't do anything about it, or I'll end up in a strip club. I'd rather be hard for a painfully long time than that.

"You're mean," I whisper, getting up. He laughs, getting up as well and I take his hand as we shuffle out into the aisle so he can't keep groping me. He squeezes it and I squeeze back, glad that he doesn't wriggle it free and start teasing me again.

Kinda. We all know I'm a whore for a bit of public teasing really.

"So what's next?" I ask, smiling. He smiles back.

"A mushy, romantic meal. Which you have to cook yourself, by the way." Uh oh. My face falls, my own smile replaced by a look of horror. Are you suicidal or something? He giggles.

"I can't cook, remember?" breakfasts and lunches, sure. Dinner? You're having a laugh my dear Bunny.


"Well I s'pose I better honour your death wish," I chuckle. He grins and kisses my cheek. "Any special requests? How would you like to die tonight? Carbonara? Pizza? Something else?"

"Mmm, carbonara sounds good."

Guess I better go learn how to cook carbonara then...


The End

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