Hadley: One Of The RulesMature

I was awake before Maxxie, as usual, and as much as I wanted to prod him to wake him up he deserved to sleep undisturbed. He smiled when he did eventually wake up and I pecked him on the lips.

 "You know what's happening today, don't you?"I asked with a grin.

He thought about it for a moment and groaned when he realised. I giggled and traced circles on his chest.

"You're mean. Taking advantage of your poor boyfriend while he's desperate" he pouted.

I took it as an opportunity to kiss him. "I'm not mean"

"Then you drive a hard bargain"

I giggled.

"So what do you want me to do first then, Bunny?"

"Hmm, I hadn't thought about it yet"

He kissed me and I snuggled up to him and kind of feeling sorry for the couch. And whoever sits on the couch next. We’ve put it through a lot the last couple nights; I wouldn’t be surprised if it was mentally and emotionally scarred for life.

"It's funny; now you have to do whatever I say, I can't think of anything"

He giggled. Don’t think you get off that easy, buddy.

"If I can't think of anything it just means I get to pick another day"

"Since when did I agree to that?"

"It's one of the rules"

He huffed. "I don't remember that ever being a rule”

"You have a bad memory, then"

He pouted and I giggled.

He hummed. "Want anything to eat?"

I nodded.

"What d'you want?"

"Pancakes" I smiled and he kissed me.

"Pancakes it is" he smiled as well and got up.

I slipped on some boxers, unlike Maxxie who went straight to the kitchen to make the pancakes. I wandered in after a while, seeing Maxxie had put his boxers on and presented me with a plate of pancakes. I sat at the table and started eating, barely noticing as Maxxie sat down with his own. Don’t judge, I was hungry. I sat trying to think of stuff I could make Maxxie do once I was done, still thinking about it while he washed up whereas normally I’d have helped.

"I'm just gonna have a shower" he pecked me on the cheek and vanished upstairs.

I thought about going upstairs and getting in the shower with him but I didn’t want to move. I didn’t go in the end, figuring if I wanted a shower with him we could just do it later. When getting clean isn’t the main purpose of the shower, anyway.

He came back down, fully dressed, and sat with me. "So, thought of anything yet?"


His expression turned to one of curiosity and I gestured at his shirt. He looked at it and then back at me. I smiled.

"What about it?"

I smiled again. "I'm cold in just my boxers"

He gave me his shirt and I grinned, putting it on. He sat back down and I shuffled over, sitting on his lap. He hugged me and I hummed.

"Anything else, Bunny? Or is it Sir for the day?"

"Hmm, Bunny's good for me. And nope, nothing else for now" I smiled.

He smiled too and kissed my neck.

The smile stayed stuck to my face and I shut my eyes. "I need to get you back for last night's hickey"

"I've got two, you've got two, I think we're square"

I giggled. He nipped at my neck like he was about to give me one but thankfully didn’t. I scowled and giggled a tiny bit. He chuckled.

"I'll make you do nasty stuff" I pouted.

"Like what?"

"Um... Go to a strip club"

He genuinely looked terrified. I grinned.

He whimpered. "You're mean"

"I know"

He buried his head in my neck. "I'll behave then, if that's my punishment"

"Good" I laughed.

He turned his head slightly to kiss my neck again and I tilted my head to make it easier. He kissed it a little more and I hummed.

"Anything else you want to do today, then?"

I yawned slightly. "I dunno yet"

"Mmm, okay"

I kissed his forehead and he smiled. I put my arms round his neck and he kissed me. I hummed as I kissed back. He hugged me again and I hugged back. Well, I hugged back as much as I could with my arms around his neck. Hmm, maybe there is something we could do...

The End

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