Hadley: Not Gonna Suck ItselfMature

Dude, I get that you want your wallet back and that’s fine but is there really a need to grope me in the street? My face no doubt lit up as red as it could get and I tried to wriggle away from the gropey hand of gropeyness. Maxxie just giggled and kept hold of me, kissing my hickey. Dude, you even think of giving me another one… I whined and pouted a tiny bit. I’m sure if it was at the groping or at the fact that I was at high risk of getting a hickey out of this. He smiled and pushed his thumbs into the waistband of my jeans. Oh, jeans not boxers today? I chuckled. And kissed him. He kissed back and I kissed harder. He matched it, as usual, and I pressed myself against him. All of a sudden I was reminded we were in the middle of the street.

He grinded his hips into mine and I moaned a teeny little bit. He nipped at my bottom lip and I hugged his waist, feeling his hands reposition themselves to my ass. I kissed his neck and he pushed his hips up into mine again. I did my best to ignore it the delicious friction and gave him a tiny little hickey. It’s only fair.

He groaned. "My neck's gonna be one big love bite by the end of the week"

"Shush, you only have two" I chuckled.

He whined and went after his wallet again but I just grinned.


"But it's very hard to do this" he said, palming me "when there's a wallet in the way"

I giggled. "Still no"

He pouted. I chuckled, pulling him towards the front door. He opened it and I slipped inside, pulling his wallet out of my boxers. He palmed again but I wriggled free, taking a few steps back and waving his wallet at him. He whined and closed the gap between us, reaching for it. I held it behind my back but changed my mind when he tried to get it back, choosing instead to hold it out behind his back instead. He whined and kissed my neck. I giggled and tilted my head, more than aware of the fact that at some point I was probably getting a hickey for this. He licked my neck and grabbed my arm, turning so he could get his wallet. I held onto it like there was no tomorrow and he held onto it equally as tight. Which was when a certain someone started playing dirty.

He palmed me while I was somewhat distracted by the whole thing with the wallet. I whined but didn’t let go of it. He unbuttoned my jeans, still holding onto the wallet. So I decided I might as well play along. I stood on my toes and started kissing his neck.

He groaned. "No more hickeys"

I giggled and kept kissing. He hummed and his grip on the wallet loosened a little. I tried to pull it away from him and he sort of tried to keep hold of it. Something told me he was too horny to really care, though. I pulled it off him and threw it on the couch, making a mental note to steal it again in the morning, and starting taking a few teasing steps backwards. He whined and followed me. I led him aimlessly round the living room a couple times just because I could, really.

He almost growled. "This better be going somewhere Bunny boy"

I giggled and he pulled me down onto the couch. I giggled again and he kissed me hungrily. I kissed back, shifting a little bit so I was more comfortable. Maxxie seemed to take it as an opportunity to grope me again. I moaned a little and he tugged my jeans down. I bit my lip kind of innocently and he smiled, kissing me. And pulled my boxers down as well. I blushed a tiny bit.

"Will you fuck me again?" he murmured in my ear, smiling.

I blushed a teeny bit more.

He hummed. "It was good, earlier" he kissed my jaw.

"Wasn't" I mumbled, kissing him.

He kissed back. "Was" he moved one of his hands south, "but you don't have to"

I giggled. "Would you ever forgive me if I didn't?"

He chuckled. "I'd consider it"

I hummed. "That's good to know. Kind of"

He grinned. I kissed him and pulled off his shirt, smiling when he kissed back even though I was still sort of blushing. He stripped the both of us impatiently and I giggled, taking my time and tracing a pattern on his chest. He groaned and gave me a hand job in an effort to hurry me up. I giggled again and pecked him on the lips. He kissed my neck and I hummed, just waiting for the hickey I knew was coming. I still whined once he’d done it and he smirked.

"I thought you wanted me to fuck you"

He nodded.

"Well maybe I won't now" I said with this sort of sulky face.

He pushed his hips up into mine again and kissed me hard. I hummed and kissed back.

"How can I get you to forgive me?" he asked.

"Hmm. Special treatment for a day?"

"What kind of special treatment would that be?"

I grinned. "You have to do whatever I say all day"

He was either considering it or just pretending to but either way, I was willing to wait. I traced circles round his belly button while I waited.

"Mmm, okay"

I smiled and kissed his stomach. He gave me the puppy dog eyes and I giggled, holding out two fingers. He whined and I rolled my eyes at him trying to be patient. C’mon, dude, I’ve pretty much just let you know I’m gonna fuck you. I pushed a fingertip into his mouth just in case he hadn’t got the message and he sucked on it. I stretched him once my fingers were wet enough, grinning as he wriggled a little impatiently. I glanced down at my dick.

"It's not gonna suck itself" I said, trying not grin even more.

He went down on me til he thought I was lubed up enough even though I would have preferred it if he’d kept going. What can I say? I’m starting to enjoy them without feeling awkward about it. I wanted to tease him a little more but I’d put him through enough already and gave in. Maybe I really wasn’t rubbish after all...

The End

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