Maxxie: moneyMature

Chinatown is calling, Bunny boy. But I have to stall until my boner goes down. Because you're an evil little bastard.

Which isn't too hard because the last time I saw my wallet, the floor wasn't staying where it was supposed to and I was on the verge of passing out. By the time I finally find it under the sofa, my boner's on its way down and I can leave the house without being too embarrassed.

At least, that's what I think. Every time he notices that my pants are a little less tight, he teases me again. Still, I can just about deal with it. Cayden was worse than this, after all. But still. We find a Chinese restaurant we both want and we honestly can't be seated fast enough. He eases up a little once we're at a table, though one of his hands does stay down there, keeping me in check.

I can feel my cheeks heating up. It's not so bad when we're outside in the dark, ‘cause no one can see. Admittedly no one can see under the table, either, but as he gives me an innocent smile, I feel like everyone can see anyways. I just attempt to keep my focus on the menu.

"Meanie," I mutter quietly, staring down at the menu. He chuckles.

"You love it." Yeah, that's the problem here. I try to deny it, but I half heartedly mumble my way through the denial, probably not convincing him. He stops though, for now at least, with a smile. I let out a tiny sigh of relief. He flashes me a smirk and looks at his own menu. I glance back down at mine, glad to see that the words mean something to me now.

When our food comes, I wolf it down like I've not eaten in a week and Hadley, while slower than me, still manages to eat pretty much all of it. I'm ask for the bill and I'm all set to pay the moment someone comes over when Hadley starts up again with the teasing. While my attention is momentarily stolen by his hand less than an inch from my crotch, the cheeky little fucker steals my wallet.

"That's not fair!"

"Deal with it," he says, paying for the meal once a pretty waiter comes over.

He won't give my wallet back when we've left the restaurant, either. Every time I try to get it back, he somehow keeps it out of my reach. I whine like it'll make him change his mind.

"You can have it back later," he tells me, tucking it in the waistband of his boxers.

"B-but I want sugary things," I complain, pointing at one of those shops in Chinatown that's dedicated to selling tourists foody things that are supposed to be Chinese but probably aren't.

"Then I will buy you sugary things," he smiles. I look at him uncertainly. "Deal with it. You're gonna see how I feel when you spend money on me." Maybe I should send him to Alex for lessons on how to keep me happy. It's not hard. No house cleaners, lots of sex and hugs and no spending money on me. Still... doesn't look like I'll be getting my wallet back any time soon. So just this once, I'll deal with it.

I do come out of the shop with less than I normally would have gotten but maybe I can sneak back before we leave for Hollywood and get more. Either way, I'm happy enough to stuff my face on the long walk back. Hadley is too. He keeps stealing the sweets, even though I'd offer if he waited like two seconds longer.

Bored of walking, I hail a cab and we get a lift back to Kensington. When I try to get my wallet back to pay for the taxi, Hadley pushes my wallet further into his boxers with a firm "no." I'm tempted to try and get it, but I begrudgingly give in. I cross my arms and sulk on the pavement outside the house.

"See why I feel bad?" oh but Hadley, I'm not feeling uncomfortable with the fact it's your money. It's the fact I prefer to be the one paying for stuff. But to save an argument, I just put my arms around his waist and whine at him. He pats my head.

I'm more interested in firstly, getting my wallet back, and secondly getting him back for the teasing I got all evening.

"Nuh." He twists so I can't reach.

I settle for groping him instead. In the middle of the street. 


The End

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