Hadley: TelepathyMature

Pretty much the second we were done I started blushing. Did I seriously just do that? Oh God, it was probably fucking terrible. I mean, sure I watched that porn a couple times and I kind of had an idea what I was doing but… I felt my cheeks heat up even more. Man, why did I go ahead with it?

Maxxie sat up and pulled me down for a long kiss. I smiled as I kissed back but I kept on blushing. He lay back down and pulled me with him. I guess the fact that he came shows it wasn’t an absolute disaster, right? Ugh, now you’re just deluding yourself, Hadley. Just ask him how shit it was.

I scrunched up my nose a teeny bit. “How rubbish was I?”

He giggled and said with a smile "You weren't rubbish"

I shook my head and blushed again. "I was" I mumbled.

He kissed me. "You weren't"

I kissed back but I was still entirely convinced otherwise. That was technically the first time I’d fucked someone (since the only other time I’d fucked Maxxie, he’d done all the work) and everyone’s shit their first time, right? Right?

"What'll it take to convince you that you weren't rubbish?"

I buried my head in his neck. It was taking everything for me not to blush and try and convince him of just how shit I was.

He started playing with my hair. "When do I get more?" Oh sweetie, you don’t have to go through it again just to make me think it wasn’t rubbish.

"When I'm not no shit at it" I mumbled against his skin.

He huggled me. "It wasn't shit"

I can fight you all day on this, buddy. But I settled for whining instead. He started tracing patterns on my back, which admittedly felt a little clammy from the drying sweat. I still hummed at the contact, though.

"I love you" he mumbled with a smile.

"I love you too" I smiled back.

He kissed me and I hugged him. He hugged back and I kissed his neck. He tilted his head. Wrong move, buddy. I nipped and sucked at the skin, higher up than usual, and gave him a very visible hickey. He whined and I kissed it with a giggle. He pouted and I grinned at him. He giggled and I buried my head in his neck again. He laughed softly and I kissed his shoulder. He hummed and I could tell he was getting sleepy. I played with his hair, not feeling all that tired myself and he snuggled into me. I smiled and he smiled too before closing his eyes. I watched him but he opened one eye, smiling a little more. He kissed me and shut his eyes again. I looked up at the ceiling since he never seems to fall asleep when I’m watching him and he sort of half dozed. I kissed his forehead and lay with him, not really bothered that it might be a couple hours til he woke up.


He woke up after a couple of hours and groaned.



I got up and got some for him, along with a glass of water. I might’ve done it earlier, but seriously, you don’t take pills with booze. He mumbled a thank you and took them. I smiled and went back to hugging him.

He smiled back. "Remind me not to cure a hangover with more booze next time"

"Will do" I laughed.

He hugged me and I started kissing his neck again.

"No more love bites" he mumbled.

I smiled. "No more love bites" I said and kept kissing his neck.

He went back to tracing patterns on my back and I hummed, sucking at his neck as a kind of reflex. He whined a bit and I blushed.

"Sorry" I said with a nervous laugh.

"S'okay" he smiled and I kissed his jaw instead.

He turned his head so I could reach better. I licked his jaw and giggled. Maxxie licked a stripe up my face and I giggled again.


He grinned and I giggled yet again before straddling him. He put his hands on my hips and I grinned.

He smiled. "What're you grinning at?"

I bent down and licked his chest. He just pouted.

"You're never gonna be grossed out by my spit, are you?" I asked, kind of disappointed.

"Am I supposed to be?"

"Maybe a tiny bit"

He giggled and licked me again. I scrunched up my nose but he just grinned at me.

"You're gross" I laughed and he nodded.

I traced a random pattern on his chest and he smiled. I blushed a tiny bit since I didn’t actually realise I’d been doing it. He hummed.

"You're insanely cute sometimes, y'know that right?"

I blushed a bit more at that. He just grinned like me blushing is a good thing.

"You embarrass me too much" I mumbled but I didn’t really mean it. Not 100% anyway.

He kissed me and I kissed back, humming as he hugged me.

"Wanna go out somewhere later on?"

I smiled. "Sure"

*"Anything in particular you wanna do?"

I hummed again. "Aside from spend time with you?"

He smiled. "Yus, aside from that"

"Hmm" I said, pretending to think about it. Okay, only half pretending. Maxxie waited and I smiled. "Go for a meal, do some gross, romantic couple stuff aand..." flashed him a kind of evil grin "And we'll see where it goes from there"

He giggled. "Sounds good"

I smiled again and he kissed me. I kissed back kind of harder and he hummed, matching it. I grinned and he held my hips a little tighter. I smirked a tiny bit.


"Nothing" I said, still smirking.

He looked at me suspiciously. I shuffled down so I was sat between his legs. He watched me and I flashed him that sort of evil grin again.

"Should I be worried?" he chuckled.

"Nope" I leant over and started kissing down his torso.

He watched me, smiling. I trailed kisses down his stomach til I reached his hips, kissing either side. I could see the urge to buck his hips up in his eyes and grinned, licking dangerously close to his dick. Boy, he was definitely turned on now. Which was why I giggled and got up to go and get dressed.

He groaned. "You're mean"

I winked. "I'll make it up to you"

"You better" he huffed.

"Mmm, maybe I won't then"

He scowled and I stuck my tongue out before disappearing upstairs. Well, I would’ve disappeared if Maxxie hadn’t followed me.

 "Stalker" I chuckled and he winked.

I laughed and he got dressed. I took a little longer getting dressed than usual, glancing at Maxxie when he sat on the bed and watched me.

"Aren't you s'posed to watch people    take off     their clothes?" I asked and he chuckled.

"If you're allowed to watch me sleep, I'm allowed to watch you get dressed. Though I    was     mentally willing you to not get dressed. Apparently I need to work on my telapathy"

"You can always work on it while we're out doing gross, romantic couple stuff"

He nodded. I smiled and sauntered over, straddling him again and pecking him on the lips. See? London’s not all bad, you big baby.

The End

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