Maxxie: Not bad, Bunny boy.Mature

Hangovers are the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. Most days when I have a hangover, I'll take a couple of painkillers and drink a coffee and wait til it passes.

Today, I wake up, find a bottle within reach, sit up enough to drink it without choking and drink until the hangover goes away.

A couple of hours later, Bunny boy wakes up. I'm sat on the floor, leaning against the sofa, watching a porn DVD I barely remember getting, half drunk again already. He jumps a little, making the sofa move. "Wha?" I sort of grunt, only really noticing he's awake because the sofa moved while I was leaning on it.

"Wha's goin' on?" he asks. I tilt my head back and look at him. I say look. I mean stare. He looks odd at this angle. I think he looks a bit lost, but I can't really tell. Still, even from this angle, he looks cute. I find myself climbing on top of him. He raises an eyebrow, but I ignore it, kissing him. He kisses back, and apparently I was more turned on by the porn I wasn't really paying all that much attention to than I thought. Because I kiss him harder. He tries to pull back to tell me something. I hear the mumbled word "aspirin" and groan. Why? Why is it when I want to get laid, I can't?

I roll off him onto the floor and stumble off to get him some fucking aspirin. When I come back with it, I hand it over with some of the booze I've been drinking since I woke up. He takes them from me and pulls me back down. Only he catches me off guard with that one, so I'm not sure if he pulls me down or if I fall down.

When I'm back lying on top of him, he smooches me and I hum, apparently incapable of doing much else. I feel his arms around my waist and as much as I'd like him to fuck me right now, this is kinda nice too. I snuggle on him, content with just kissing his neck. For all of two seconds, before I hear the guys on my TV screen jizzing all over each other. When my own dick decides to wake up. Again.

He puts his hands on my hips and moan slightly, already frustrated as I kiss him. He kisses back harder and I push my hips into his, slipping my hands under his shirt. A teeny, tiny moan escapes his lips and I try to get his shirt off. But I'm too drunk to figure out how to get it off while he's lying underneath me. So he helps me.

Humming, I kiss his exposed torso, all the way down to the waist band of his jeans, where I fumble with the button. I manage to get that undone by myself, though. He just watches as I pull his jeans down and somehow get them off him. He kind of grins. Once his boxers are off, he pulls me back up for a kiss, but as I kiss back, I can't help noticing that I'm not nearly naked enough.

Bunny boy starts fixing that by pulling off my shirt. I get my own jeans off, though. Call me impatient, but I've been waiting a while for this. See, porn, look what you've done. You made my boxers look like a fucking tent. Bunny boy pulls me back for another kiss and I moan impatiently again, wrapping my hand around his dick in the hopes that it might inspire him to go a bit quicker.

Cue another teensy moan from Bunny. I go down on him, lubing him up for what I hope will be the first time he fucks me. He bites down on his lip, but whether it's because he's nervous again or because he's trying not to moan anymore, I can't tell. I go up for another kiss. Well, I kiss him while I'm there, but that's not why I'm there.

"Fuck me," I mumble. I don't even care if it's not brilliant. I can barely stand up, let alone be the one fucking him. It's now that I can tell he's nervous as he slips out from under me and spreads my legs. I suck a couple of my fingers and stretch myself for him. Holding my legs up, out of the way, I relax myself instinctively as he pushes into me slowly. He sets up a fairly slow pace at first, blushing a little and probably trying not to moan again if I know him like I do.

I don't care though. I moan all I fucking want. Which to begin with is more impatience than anything. I pull him down for a kiss, groaning at him to go faster. He does so and I wrap my legs around him, closing my eyes and this time moaning because for his first time, it feels fucking good. I move with him, trying to find that spot that makes my brain stop working and all else melt away.

As I tilt my hips a little, he hits it and I end up making more noise than the guys in that porn movie ever did. I keep myself there for as long as possible - which isn't as long as I'd like - before I gasp out his name, half heartedly lifting one hand to try and wrap it around my dick, but I end up just grasping the edge of the sofa again. He gets the message though.

He pumps his hand up and down my member in time with his thrusts and all too soon, I'm done. Oh, and covered in my own jizz. That's always interesting when you're half drunk. I grin breathlessly up at Hadley as he moans probably louder than he'd have liked, coming to his own finish.

Not bad, Bunny boy. Not bad. 


The End

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