Hadley: I Caught YouMature

I bought a bottle of vodka and managed to restrain myself long enough to get back to Maxxie’s before unscrewing the cap and drinking some of the clear liquid. I drank some in the kitchen. Ooh, and some in the living room. Aaand some on the stairs. And quite a bit in the hallway when Maxxie poked his head to no doubt see what the fuck was going on.

He frowned. Oh boy, here comes the lecture about being underage. "You gonna drink all of that on your own?"

Wow. Wasn’t expecting that. I looked at the bottle and must’ve had about half the bottle left. "Mhm"

"I was hoping you might save me some"

"Get your own"

He went back into the room and re-emerged fully dressed, no doubt doing as I’d instructed. I shuffled into the room and lay back on the bed before putting the bottle back to my lips. He came back eventually, half the contents of his bottle gone. Something told me neither of us were as drunk as we wanted to be. He sat on the end of the bed and drained his bottle. I still had a little of mine left and he eyed it.

"Fuck off, it's mine" I all but growled.

He whined. I don’t give a flying fuck, bitch. I paid good money for this, you’re not getting squat. He pouted and I drank the last of it, just to make a point. He whined again and sloped off, hopefully in search of more booze. I rolled off the bed and lay on the floor, waiting for Maxxie to come back.

"Bunny, I'm bored" he said, standing over me with more booze.

"And I'm too sober. Give" I reached up for the booze.

"Nuh" he held it up away from me.

"Give" I arched my back in an attempt to try and reach.

He stepped away from me and drank it.


He grinned. "Come n get it then, lazy"

"Asshole" I grumbled.

He pouted.

"Can't you just come here and give it to me? Or just pour it in my mouth, whatever's easier"

He sighed. "You're no fun when you're pissed off" he gave me the bottle and wandered off.

I drank some of it, still lying on my back, before rolling onto my stomach and half crawling, half rolling downstairs to see where Maxxie had gotten to. I found him attempting to find his wallet. I snuck up behind him as much as a person can when they’re crawling on their belly and wrapped my arms around his ankle.

"Wha?" he looked down.

I grinned up at him. "I caught you"

He chuckled and rolled back onto my back, drinking some more. Which was when Maxxie found his wallet.

  "Don't die down there" he said and left for more booze.

I somehow managed not to die considering I was lying on my back with a bottle clamped between my teeth. He came back after a while with several bottles this time. Oh, and a porn DVD. I arched my eyebrow at the porn but he didn’t seem to notice, wandering into the living room with the booze and porn. My eyebrow was still arched up into my forehead. He settled down on the couch to watch the porn and unscrewed the cap of one of the bottles. I crawled over on my belly and yeah, he noticed that, giggling to himself before going back to his porn.

"Whatcha doin'?" I asked, kind of slurring. Isn’t it obvious what he’s doing?

"Watching porn" he stared at the screen and I pouted.

"Am not good enough for you?"

He chuckled. "Course you are"

"Damn straight" I slurred again and drank the last of my booze.

"I just prefer you when you're willing" he drank some more of his own.

"Thought I was willing"

"Dun seem very willing tonight" he mumbled.

I just about managed to slur out "Jus' cause I'm a lil bit tipsy"

He leant over the side of the couch and slurred with a serious face "I'm horny"

I pouted again. "Thought you had your porn"

He draped himself over the edge of the couch to kiss me. "I prefer you"

I sat up and kissed him but then lay down again. Asshole sort of fell on me and giggled.

"Oww" I whined.

"Sorry". He giggled again.

"No yer not"

He kissed me and slurred "I am"

"Good" I pecked him on the lips and wriggled out from underneath his fat ass.

He pulled a sort of horrified look. "Where you goin'?"

I shrugged and he whined. I staggered to my feet and swayed a little bit. Maxxie crawled back over to the couch and I took a step towards the kitchen. I kind of ended up just headbutting the wall.

“Ow” I giggled.

Maxxie giggled too and I lay on the floor again, forgetting what it was I wanted from the kitchen.

"Bunny" he whined.


He crawled over and lay with me.

I giggled. "Can I help you?"

He snuggled up to me and I smirked "Thought you were horny"


I tried to get up again, remembering what it was I wanted but booface just complained.

"Boo hoo" I said kind of sarcastically

"I wanna snuggle"

"I want chocolate"

"I want sex but it dun look like I'm getting any"

I smirked again. "You might"

"Well at the rate you're going, I'm gonna sit here and have a wank like I'd planned"

I giggled. "Fine. I'll just drink some more booze and eat some chocolate like    I'd     planned"

He put an arm over me and whined. I made a lame attempt at pushing his arm off.

"Bunny, Bunny"


"I fuckin' love you" he said. And passed out.

I huffed, pushed his arm off and decided I might as well watch that porn. Y’never know, maybe I’d pick up a thing or two.

The End

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