Rosalita: Empty shellMature

There, empty, she lay. I peered through the blinds before running off. There are no words...with which to describe the guilt, the pain, and the loss that I feel. She is empty. Without emotion, thought, or movement. She looks like she is on her death bed, and she soon will be if she doesn't start eating.

God, if I knew how bad she could get i'd have never begun the relationship again.

Her lips, that used to laugh, are now dry and sore.

Her skin, once radiant, is grey.

Her eyes, once full of life, are sunken and empty.

Annie no longer inhabits her body.

I collapse on to the steps of the hospital and begin to cry. God, why did I have to ruin everything? And why did it have to be her? Why is she so sensitive to emotion? It stems from that cow of a mother of hers I'm sure.


What has happened to her?

So much grief, cannot put someone in that situation.

Sure they can vegitate, wander around a house moping, but never could they slip in to something like that.

And she was the one who broke up with me, so how could this affect her more than me? If it wasn't obvious this was real, I'd say she was faking it. Being the drama queen she'd always been.

But she's so dead to the could it be fake?

The End

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