Maxxie: impossible.Mature

Honestly? I was more in the mood to be fucked, rather than the one doing the fucking. But that's okay. Because I said I'd wait and go at his pace. So here I am, waiting.

And also seriously considering leaving a porn DVD out by accident and hoping he might watch it and figure out what to do from that.


A while later, after a snuggle, a nap and a shower, I wander downstairs and find myself on the ancient computer, checking my email. No one loves me. I have a lot of Viagra adverts and a couple of insurance ones.

Oh and one from the mother.

Hi, Max. I'm sorry I missed you yesterday for lunch, I hadn't realised you would be out. Hope you're okay. I see they've put up a ‘for sale' sign outside the house. You didn't mention you were selling it?

Maybe see you for dinner or something, to make up for missing you yesterday.

Love, mum.

I sigh and run a hand through my hair, wondering how to reply. Honesty tends to be how I deal with her. Bluntness is the only way forward.

You didn't miss me, yesterday, I left when you arrived. Kind of. I heard most of what you and dad said about me outside first. Let's just say it didn't really put me in the mood for being civil to you. I already know you think I'm unnatural and disgusting or whatever it is you used to say to me as a kid. I didn't appreciate hearing it again. If you hear from me again before the end of the year, call yourself lucky.

Glancing around I see Hadley behind me, looking fairly unimpressed. Uh oh. Not a happy Bunny, huh? When I don't have anything to say about it, he sighs. I just turn the computer off and sulk.

"You're impossible."

"Tell her to stop slagging me off, then."

"She's trying her hardest, Maxxie," he tells me. If she was trying so fucking hard, she wouldn't be a bitch about me behind my back, would she?

"If that's her hardest, then we're never going to be able to put this behind us, are we." He just sighs again. I let my face do the talking, pulling an unhappy expression, but he rolls his eyes. I scowl at that, going back to sulking.

"What more would you have her do?"

"Well not bitching about me behind my back would be a good start, but if she can't manage that, then leaving me alone would also be good," I mutter, making Hadley shut his eyes in irritation. I raise my hands in a sort of gesture of defeat, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I say, exasperated, "I'm just finding it hard to let go of it all, okay?"

"You could at least be nice to her." Easier said than done, Bunny boy.

"'Kay. The moment she stops bitching about me, I'll be nice to her. Is that acceptable?" the look in his face says no, it's not acceptable, but he's gonna have to just deal with it. Because apart from finding it alarmingly difficult to let go of stuff, I also find it hard to be nice to people who call me disgusting. Well wouldn't you?

I sigh and get up. "Well if you're not still pissed off at me later on, I was thinking we could go out for dinner or something."


The End

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