Hadley: BlushingMature

As pissed off as I was about Maxxie being a bitch to his mom, for some reason I couldn’t stay mad at him over it. I finished up my coffee and cleaned up my mess from last night just to waste some time before sneaking upstairs. Remember how I said I liked watching Maxxie sleep? I sat watching him for about five minutes before sneaking over and getting into bed with him, wrapping him in a hug. I don’t know how long we were lying there. It must’ve been a couple hours at least.

Maxxie half opened his eyes and smiled. I smiled back as he kissed me and I kissed back. He snuggled into me and I hummed. He stayed snuggled as I played with his hair, putting an arm round me. I started kissing his neck, moving my hands down to his hips as he tilted his head and hummed. He kissed me again, a tiny bit harder than last time and I kissed back with a lot more passion than him. He seemed a little surprised but went with it anyway. I moved my hands back up to his hair, threading my fingers through it. He moved his own hands down to my ass and I giggled a tiny bit before kissing him again.

"Fuck me" he mumbled into it.

I blushed a tiny bit. Remember the last time I fucked him? And how I had no fucking idea what I was doing? Yeah, I still had no fucking clue. He smiled a little and kissed me. I kissed back and started getting undressed, reluctantly removing my hoodie. I bit my lip a little once the two of us were down to our boxers. Maxxie kissed me hard and started palming me through the thin fabric of my boxers. I bit back a moan and he smirked a tiny bit. Asshole.

He nipped at my shoulder and I hummed as he played with the waistband of my boxers. I felt the asshole sucking at the hickey he gave me and gripped his hips to try and give him a bruise or something, I don’t know. He tugged my boxers down and teased me a bit. I kind of whined and he shuffled down, sucking me off for a while. I tugged on his hair and he came back up, kissing me again. I hummed as I kissed back. He ground his hips into mine and murmured huskily “fuck me"

I bit my lip again and he smiled, kissing me.

"You don't have to"

I blushed again, feeling just as stupid as I did last time. He kissed me harder and rolled us over so he was on top. See, that I could deal with. The fact that he was teasing me again however, I couldn’t particularly deal with or prevent. But eventually he gave in and fucked me.

The End

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