Jake: Wake upMature

I just sat at the side of Annie's bed watching her face. What's happening to here? She's not just a living ghost. She's totally gone. She won't move won't talk. Not to anyone. Not even me.

She hasn't even eaten. I begin to cry tears sliding down my cheek. "Annie.." The voice is soft and light. Annie's reaction to Rosalita's voice is nothing just to continue staring at nothing. I turn and look at Rosalita silently baring my teeth angrily.

"This isn't all your fault. The doctor's say it must be a number of things to cause this loss in..." I choke on my words. "I told you to stay away. Why didn't you listen?"

"She's my friend" Rosalita whispers. "I couldn't just not come..." Her voice trails off as she see's the food at the side of the bed. "Hasn't she eaten yet?" I slowly shake my head and take one of Annie's hands between mine.

"They would put her on a drip but they don't have her permission and her own mother won't come in to give it" I snap. "That bitch litterally said Annie wasn't worth it. That she didn't deserve any care she got"

"I've never met her mother.... Annie never even talked about her" Rosalita whispers.

"Yeah, but now neither of us will know. Since her mother won't speak about it. Johnathan's gaining custody of Lilianna. And Annie is probably is going to die with the path she's on" I begin to sob. "Leave Rosalita"


"LEAVE!" I yell. "Half of this is all your fault"

Rosalita's face is like that of a rabbit caught in a headlights and she backs out of the room. I slump into the seat and rest my head on the pillow next to Annie's.

The End

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