Hadley: ToastMature

I wasn’t exactly happy about kicking Maxxie’s mom out but I did anyway. Once she was gone I called Maxxie to let him know and hung up before he could say anything. It took him about an hour to get back. An hour which I spent on the couch, staring at the TV and thinking about turning it on. Maxxie curled up on the end of the couch when he got in.

“You could’ve at least said hi to her” I mumbled.

“There’s no point”

Huh. You really think that? She’s your fucking mom; at least pretend you care about her.

Neither of us said anything for a long time. I gave up eventually and went to go get a drink. Okay, so I didn’t go in there to get a drink, I went in there so I wouldn’t end up shouting at him for being such a bitch to his mom. Maxxie stayed where he was and I stayed in the kitchen. I heard him heading upstairs after a few minutes, no doubt going up to the roof again. Him and that fucking roof…

I trudged upstairs, tugging off Maxxie’s hoodie. I’m pissed off with the guy, do you really think I’m keeping his clothes on? I slipped on one of my own and grabbed my wallet before heading out the door. I’d been wandering around for a while when I think I saw someone who looked kind of like Maxxie slipping into a café.


A few too many hours later I was sat in a bar. I like you, England. You let me drink without fake ID. I met this great girl called Anna. And me and her and a few of her friends went round a couple other bars but ended up back at her place playing beer pong. Well, whatever booze we could find pong. Guess what? I didn’t win.

By the time I got back to Maxxie’s it was the wrong side of midnight and I was really quite drunk. I stumbled in, looking in the living room for Maxxie. Guess he must’ve been in bed. Gee, thanks for worrying about me.

I stumbled into the kitchen, intent on making toast. I made a lot of noise trying to do it. I guess my noise woke Maxxie up because he came down into the kitchen and helped me with it. I just grumbled about it. I don’t fucking need help to make toast, it’s not exactly hard.

He made himself a coffee while he was there and I just wolfed down my toast like I hadn’t eaten in months. He sat on the counter and I finished my toast, still hungry. I looked around the kitchen for something else to eat. Maxxie just stayed sat on the counter. Thanks for helping there, buddy. Eventually, I gave up since Maxxie wasn’t going to aid me in my drunkenness.

"You gonna come to bed now?" he asked quietly.

I kind of ignored him and got myself a glass of water. Yes, I was going to bed. I just hadn’t decided where yet. He slid off the counter and headed back upstairs to bed. I followed him upstairs after a while but headed for the spare room. I flopped on the bed, not bothering to pull the comforter over myself and tried to get myself comfy. Within a few minutes I was asleep, though I think it was more to do with the alcohol than tiredness.

The End

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