Maxxie: AWOLMature

The next day, I begrudgingly did the paperwork at the estate agents. Mainly because Hadley was there with me, poking me until it was done. Oh, and he's refusing to give my hoodie back. Even though he now has like, four.

And the mother is coming over for lunch. Did she not get the hint last night? Seriously. Before she arrives, I sneak up onto the roof, intending not to be in the building with her as long as I can possibly get away with.

I sit on the edge of the roof, watching as dad's car pulls up and mum gets out of the passenger side.

"I don't know why you're bothering, Karen," I hear my dad saying. He leans out of the window to peck her on the lips.

"I'm bothering because he's our son. We've had this conversation already."

"No son of mine would've turned out like that," he states bluntly.

"Well he is your son. I've come to terms with it, why can't you?"

"It's unnatural!" he growls, "and frankly, it disgusts me. If he's allowed his own view on things, so am I." Stop being a childish fuck.

"Of course it's unnatural and I'm not entirely comfortable with it either, but he's still my son and I'm supposed to be there for him." Yeah, thanks, mum.

"You've not been there for him for the last seven years, and both of you were perfectly happy with that arrangement."

I sigh, rolling away from the edge of the roof, though I can still hear what's being said. Just more of dad slagging me off loudly in front of my house and my mum failing at defending me. I feel like I'm eighteen all over again, listening to the same shit over and over.

"You up there, dork?" Hadley's voice cut's through the argument that's going on down there in the street. I mean, they don't hear him, but it interrupts me listening to them arguing about what a fag I am. When I don't say anything, he sighs and wanders off again. So I go back to listening to my dad slating me and my mum just sighing and regretting she'd ever said anything.

Finally, my dad shuts up, but by then I'm in a pretty shitty mood and when Hadley pokes his head out of the window to yell at me to get back inside, I don't move.


"M'comin'." I tell him. I'm not. I wait til my dad's driven off and my mum's inside and I get up, walk along the roof to the next house and climb down the front of it, ignoring the weird looks. I let my feet take me away from the house, away from my parents and away from all the shit that I'd much rather avoid.

I wind up walking through Hyde Park. I say walking. I mean tripping over a rabbit hole. Shame I didn't fall down it and end up in wonderland or something. Being chased by a maniac queen and the mad hatter would've been much more fun than this.

I find a bench to sit on, a packet of cigarettes in one hand and a lighter in the other. Oh, and my phone's ringing in my pocket. I light a cigarette and with a sigh, answer my phone, not looking at the caller ID.

"Yeah?" I ask flatly. Of course, it's the mother.

"Max, where are you?" I look around, momentarily forgetting where I am altogether.

"On a bench somewhere in London. Why does it matter?"

"Well, apart from worrying me and Hadley, I was under the impression I'd be having lunch with both of you, not just Hadley."

"You'll cope without me," I mutter, lying down on the bench, resting my cigarette pack and lighter on my stomach. Hadley must have been trying to listen in because I hear her turn it onto loudspeaker.

"You really worried me, Maxxie," Hadley says and I sigh, feeling guilty now.


"It's okay. I'm probably just overreacting," he gives this tiny nervous laugh and I close my eyes for a moment. When I open them again, I swallow and take a few tokes on my cigarette before I can speak again.

"Hadley, take the phone of loudspeaker and talk to me," I mumble. I hear a click as he turns loudspeaker off. "Can you get rid of my mum for me? I just can't deal with it today."

"Uh... Sure. It might take a few minutes, though."

"Just tell her I'm not coming back and there's no point in hanging around waiting for me." He's quiet for a minute and I start to wonder what's going on.


"I'll come back when she's gone. Love you," I mutter and hang up. 


The End

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