Cayden: MopingMature

I got let out of hospital sooner than I’d thought. You might be thinking it was just by a couple of days or something but no, I was let out a week early. A week early with all three of Gage’s journals. As much as Mom was disappointed and ashamed in me, Dad convinced her to let me come home. I didn’t want to go back to their place. I just wanted to get back to my apartment and read what Gage had written in peace. Which was why I didn’t tell them I was getting let out.

That was three days ago. I’d walked in the door, sat on the couch and hadn’t moved since then. Okay, so I moved to go to the bathroom but that was it. Well, and to turn the pages of Gage’s journals. I’d reach through each one about twice and at least a quarter of the pages had tearstains marring them now. Which in turn made me feel worse because some of the words had smudged a little and I felt like I’d ruined part of Gage’s memory.

Brent had come by a couple times but couldn’t get in. Did I mention I’d pushed the tree stump part of my dining table up against the door? I guess I should probably go feed Gary, huh? I finally hauled myself off the couch and shuffled into my bedroom, happy to see the one thing that hadn’t left me. Then again, Gary couldn’t exactly leave. It’s not like he can magically sprout legs and walk out. Knowing my luck, he probably could. I fed the little guy, hoping that’d keep him there with me.

I sunk onto my bed and stared at the ceiling, willing my eyes not to close. Whenever I shut my eyes, all I saw was Gage’s face smiling at me. I curled up on my side and hugged a pillow to my chest. I wanted Maxxie. Or Hadley. Fuck it, I didn’t care who, I just wanted a hug. But like I said before, they’d all fucked off with their own little lives while I was stuck here by myself.

Heh, go me.

The End

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