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Reluctantly, I pull myself out of bed, shivering slightly as a rush of cold air hits me where Hadley and the duvet had been a moment ago. Since I'd given up on the idea of going to the estate agent yesterday, I had to do it today. There's no way I'm putting it off any longer. Dinner last night was just an hour of total discomfort. I'm not doing that again.

On the drive there, I mentally prepare myself for paper work. I hate paper work about as much as I hate my family. How did you cope with applying to live in America, I hear you ask. I made Alex do my paper work for me. I made him do as much paperwork as I could for anything and everything. Maybe I could call him and get him out here for this...

When I get there, I'm told I need someone to come over and give an estimate for the place. Oh yeah. How tedious. I bribe them until they can get someone to come over this side of lunch time and end up driving back with nothing to do until they arrive. So I flop on the sofa with Hadley to watch TV.

I snuggle up to him and he cuddles with me. "Don't move," he says.


"You're warm and comfy." I hum, smiling at that. He buries his head in my neck and I put my arm around him, ignoring as his cold nose presses against my shoulder.

"D'you want me to turn the heating up a bit?" I ask. It's already plenty warm in here, but if Hadley's still cold...

"No. That would involve you moving."

"You'd be warmer for it though," I laugh.

"Maybe later then."

"I'll have to get up when the assessment person comes over though."

"I know." I smile and kiss the top of his head, felling his lips curve up in a smile too.

Of course, that's when the assessment person arrives. I swear under my breath and even more reluctantly than I got up this morning, I disentangle myself from my Bunny and go answer the door. She's nice enough. As far as the spawn of Satan himself can be perceived as nice. I leave her to wander around and make her own assessments before wandering off to turn the heating up and go back to the sofa. He smiles and I plant a kiss on his lips as the woman walks in.

Hadley blushes. A small smile twitches at the corners of her lips as she starts taking measurements of the room. He keeps blushing and I do my best to hold back a giggle. In fact, the woman's already moved into the next room before his cheeks return to a normal colour.

"You're cute when you blush," I murmur, kissing his neck.

"I don't feel cute." I giggle at that.

"You are." He scrunches up his nose and I kiss it. He's so fucking adorable sometimes. He smiles and we snuggle. We stay snuggled until assessment lady comes back, slightly less spawn-of-Satan than before.

"Mr. Fuller?" she stands in the doorway, smiling at me. I push back a sigh and haul myself up off the sofa again. Here comes paper work. "Can you read through and sign this form, please?" I take the clip board from her and a pen. I don't even skim read. I could be selling my soul to her father, the devil, for all I know. She smiles at me and gives me an estimate of about three million. What can I say? Kensington isn't cheap.

"Whoa," I hear Hadley say behind me, I laugh slightly and show the woman out. When I go back to Hadley, he's still sat there with a shocked look on his face. I giggle and sit back with him. After a moment, he sort of returns to reality. "What?"

"The look on your face when she gave me the estimate."

"What look?" he asks with a slight pout.

"The one of shock."

"Can you blame me?"

I chuckle slightly and kiss him. "No."

"It's seriously worth that much?"

"It was worth more when my parents bought it, and for Kensington, it's relatively cheap, put it that way," smiling as the look of shock linger on his face. "Now are you less bothered about spending my money?"

"Not really." I laugh slightly and kiss him, leaning on him. He hums as I cuddle him.

"Can I just stay here and not go do all the paperwork?"

"Depends if you want to get the place sold or not," he chuckles and I pout.

"Can't someone else do it? Alex usually does my paperwork. Can we fly him over here to do it?" Hadley just rolls his eyes. I whine. I don't wanna do any fucking paperwork. He pats my head.

"Poor baby." I scowl. 


The End

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