Hadley: DinnerMature

Dinner was… It’s kind of hard to describe really. Maxxie was quiet for pretty much the entire meal. He didn’t exactly look like he was all that thrilled to even be eating what his mom had cooked. Grandpa glanced at him every now and then, a kind of disappointed look on his face. And his mom… she tried to start a conversation with him a couple times but ended up talking mostly to me when Maxxie kept up the silent treatment. I helped her clear up once we were done mainly out of habit and despite her insistence that it was okay and for me to relax. Honestly, I was relaxed already.  Maxxie managed to speak to say bye to his mom and grandpa but that was probably the most he said to either of them all night. Not long after they left he slipped off somewhere, no doubt heading up to the roof. I followed him up there after a while.

“Thought I’d find you up here” I said once I’d climbed up on the roof.

He smiled slightly and I sat with him, feeling a frown tug at my face at his quietness. I held the frown back, though.

"It wasn't that bad, was it?"

"I don't like her. Why can't she just accept she fucked it up and live with it?"

I sighed slightly and he leant on me. How does he manage to stay so warm?

I put an arm round him, trying to leech some of the warmth from him. "I can't say I blame her, though"

"For what?"

"Trying to fix things"

He sighed. "No, I s'pose I don't either, but she wouldn't have tried unless Cayden had pushed us both"

I didn’t really know what to say to that. I could understand why Cayden had tried to get them talking again but I didn’t exact want to pick sides. I mean, should I argue Cayden did the right thing because he’s my brother, or that he did the wrong thing because Maxxie’s my boyfriend.

The two of us sat in silence for a while, Maxxie was quite happy to just sit there. I would’ve been if I wasn’t starting to get kind of cold.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah. Guess I'm just not used to the cold yet"

"Sorry" he said and mumbled something about going back inside.

"It's okay, I don't mind"

"No, you'll freeze" he stood, pulling me up with him.

I smiled and he sort of smiled back as we headed back inside. I settled myself down on the couch once we got inside and smiled again as Maxxie snuggled against me. I put an arm round him and tried not to let how quiet he was being bother me. He sort of started falling asleep after a while and I ended up playing with his hair. He hummed and I kissed his temple, not entirely expecting him to shift so he could kiss back. I cuddled up to him, still a tiny bit cold from being out on the roof and he hugged me back. I sighed contentedly and he smiled as I kissed his neck. He tilted his head and with a giggle, I licked a stripe up his neck. And he retaliated by licking my face.

"Eww" I giggled and he smiled.

"You started it" I suppose I did.

I laughed and licked the tip of his nose. He settled for simply kissing my nose instead and I hummed. He rested his head on my shoulder and I found myself playing with his hair again. How long til he starts falling asleep again? Oh there we go.

"Wanna go up to bed?" I asked after a while. Beds are warm. Beds have comforters.


I got up, as did Maxxie after whining a bit. I took his hand and led him upstairs, pulling off my jeans before slipping into bed. Yes I’m well aware I still had a hoodie on. I hadn’t taken the thing off since Maxxie gave it to me. Maxxie, insane guy that he is, stripped down to his boxers and joined me under the comforter. I snuggled up to him and he hugged back. I planted a kiss on his chest and he hummed. That is until I pressed my poor cold little nose against him.

He gasped as the cold hit him. "No fair"

I giggled, earning myself a whine. Big baby.

“I'll make it up to you" I mumbled.

He smiled. "How?"

"I'll think about it"

He kissed me and I hummed, kissing back. His lips moved down to my neck and I tilted my neck a little. What’s he up to? When I felt him sucking and biting at the skin on my neck I realised what he was doing. I whined a tiny bit and he just giggled. Bastard. I shuffled down and pressed my still freezing nose to his stomach. I could tell he was holding back a whine and I giggled.

"While you're down there..." he chuckled.

"Gross" I chuckled as well and kissed his belly.

He giggled and I shuffled back up, instantly being pulled into a kiss. I slipped an arm round his waist as he snuggled up against me again. He kissed my shoulder and closed his eyes, no doubt falling asleep already. I watched him, trying to work out if he was falling asleep or not. He opened his eyes again after a few minutes so I guess not.

 "What?" he mumbled, smiling.

"Nothing" I said and blushed a tiny bit, "I like watching you sleep"

He hummed and kissed me again sleepily before shutting his eyes and falling asleep. I smiled at his sleeping figured and watched him for a while. He looked peaceful in his sleep. Then again, I guess everyone does. I smiled again and pulled one of his arms around me before pressing my forehead to his chest and falling asleep.

The End

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