Rosalita: TextingMature

Ranette had gone to get our sixth round of drinks, and I was just relaxing against the sofa, when my phone buzzed. I pulled it out. Annie. I read the text.

I hope you're happy, Annie has still not moved.


I felt guilt building inside of me. It's not like I don't care about her, I just don't want to be in a relationship. I text back.

I'll come and visit tomorrow.

I tapped the table impatiently while the message sent, and then put the phone on the table. Ranette came over and handed me another drink.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" I ask, sipping at the drink.


"Well you may recall that I hardly ever get drunk. I'm not a lightweight."

"What? Oh damn I'd forgotten! Well, looks like we'll be going home sober then."

"Looks like." My phone vibrated again.

I told you to stay away!


And I told you I'm coming!

"Who was that?"

"Jake. He says I'm not seeing Annie, but she's still my friend. I have to."

"That's right. He can't stop you."

"Thanks. Well, I think we ought to go, before this place runs out of drinks."

"My house?"

"Yeah." We got up, found our jackets, and left, hailing a taxi outside. Ranette held my hand proudly as we got in to the taxi.

"So, what time you going tomorrow?"

"I don't know. Whenever I feel I can take on Captain Protective."

She laughed and snuggled in to my shoulder. I kissed her forehead.

"I'll come if you want."

"No it's ok. I don't want you to get involved in that. We'll go to work, and then I'll go straight afterwards. I'll come back and we can order in an indian or something, watch a movie?"

"Yeah, sounds nice."

"Good. I have to say, you're taking to this really well. And it feels nice." She sat up and looked at me. I grinned, embarrassed, and she kissed me, passionately on the lips.

The End

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