Hadley: BreakfastMature

I have to admit, grandpa had a point. Even snuggled up to Maxxie under a comforter I was still kind of cold. I also didn’t want to move. I might be a morning person but I can be lazy sometimes. It’s rare, though. He had to pester Maxxie a couple more times but eventually between the pair of us we nagged him out of bed. I pulled my t-shirt back on, partly because I didn’t feel like walking around in my boxers with his grandpa around but mainly because out of bed I was fucking cold. Maxxie obviously noticed my coldness and gave me his hoodie. It didn’t really help much but hey, it’s another layer.

"How are you not cold?"

He smiled and said with a shrug "I like the cold"

"You're weird"

"I    did     grow up in a bog in the middle of an ocean"

I shivered as we wandered into the kitchen. Grandpa was frying something and I could only assume it was the famed English fry up. I sat down and managed not to shiver again, even though I was freezing my ass off. Okay, I wasn’t that cold yet but I was still cold. Maxxie frowned slightly at my coldness and went off to hopefully put the heating on.

"I'm not built for this country" I mumbled.

Maxxie kissed me on the cheek and sat down. Grandpa grinned.

"Shoulda bought warm clothes with you then" he winked and I chuckled.

"I'm a California boy, shorts are winter clothes for me"

"Mmm" he said and gave us our breakfast. Which was indeed a fry up.

I blushed a tiny bit. I’ve never really gotten used to strangers doing stuff for me. "Thanks"

He smiled. "No problem." Maxxie started eating. "And Max, take Hadley shopping later, or he's gonna freeze over here. You don't want to prove to the American that free health care was a shit idea" h chuckled and walked off.

I’m sure I looked kind of confused at that but started eating anyway. Maxxie seemed to notice my confusion.

"He means you'll catch pneumonia and end up in hospital and suddenly discover how shit healthcare is over here" he smiled.

"Oh. Fun"

He nodded slightly, too busy eating to do much else. To be honest, I didn’t think much of breakfast. It was okay but I wouldn’t want to eat it on a regular basis. I’m a cereal kinda guy. I still ate most of it, though, unlike Maxxie who ate everything. I’m surprised he didn’t eat the plate. As much as I was internally bitching about breakfast, at least I wasn’t as cold anymore. Maxxie smiled.

"All set for shopping?"

I nodded. "I'm not exactly looking forward to walking round in shorts though"

"Didn't you bring any jeans?"

I shook my head. I have maybe two pairs of jeans; one was back at Mom and Dad’s and the other was waiting to be washed back at Maxxie’s place.

He rolled his eyes, obviously not aware of these facts. "Wanna borrow a pair of mine?"

"Sure. If they fit"

He took me back upstairs and found a pair of jeans that he said were tight on him. It’s not the waist I was thinking about, dear. You’re taller than me, remember? He sat on the bed as I tried them on. I checked what they looked like in the mirror and surprisingly they weren’t too long on me. I looked round when I saw Maxxie watching me in the mirror. He smiled.

"You perv"

He giggled.

"What's the verdict then, perv?"

"They'll do for shopping"

I hummed in agreement and smiled as he got up, taking my hand.

"You okay with the tube or shall I drive?" he asked as we were walking downstairs.

"I don't mind"

He smiled slightly. "Only I know that Cayden wasn't a fan of the tube" he giggled.

I giggled as well. "I can imagine"

"Well, we'll try it. It's cheaper than the congestion charge at any rate"

I smiled again and he picked up his wallet. I said bye to grandpa before wandering outside with Maxxie. I sort of snuggled up to him as the air hit my face and shivered a tiny bit once he’d put his arm around my waist. He kissed my cheek and I hummed.

"Where to, then?" I asked when he smiled.

"Dunno. Where d'you normally shop?"

I chuckled and blushed a teeny bit. "Online"

He laughed slightly and before I knew it, I’d been dragged into a H&M.

The End

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