Hadley: Meeting The FamilyMature

The two of us went and said bye to Cayden before we left for London. Not like five minutes before but you know what I mean. He was still being quiet like Maxxie had said and he seemed almost possessive of a notebook. He said it was his diary but something seems off about it.

And when we stumbled off the plane I noticed two things; that it certainly was cold and that I wasn’t that jetlagged. I guess Mom’s method of working by the time in the country you’re going to for a couple days does work. That and sleeping on the plane only if it’s night in the country you’re going to. Guess I should’ve told Maxxie that...

“You look like you’re about to die” I giggled as we made our way to his house.

He just grunted in response.

“Poor baby”

“I wanna fag” he grumbled. Whoever it was came up with “fag” meaning cigarette is just plain weird. Then again, they were probably English...

“You’re not having one”

“I wants one though”


“So I wants one” he said, leaning on me.

I kissed his temple. "Would I do instead?" It would still technically be a fag. Kind of. Do I qualify as gay? I know I like girls but I’ve never been attracted to one. Then again I’d never been attracted to a guy either. Dude, this is fucked up.


"How much further's your place?"

"Down there" he said, sorting of pointing at a road then suddenly tensing.

I arched an eyebrow. "You okay?"

He squinted at a car and stopped dead. "Why's my dad here?"


He stopped leaning on me. "My dad's waiting in his car outside the house"


He dithered for a moment before taking my hand and walking again. Okay, that’s confusing. His dad was parked right outside the front door. Maxxie avoided it like the plague and I could tell he was trying to pretend it wasn’t there. I glanced at it just in time to see the glob of spit fly out of the rolled down window in out general direction. I frowned and Maxxie twitched but did a better job of ignoring it than me. I kept frowning as he unlocked the door and ushered me inside, dragging our stuff behind him. I bit my lip a little at the sound of voices in another room.

"Maxxie!" a woman I could only assume was his mom said ecstatically and rushed out into the hall to greet us.

“Hey, kiddo” a old guy said with a smile. That must be his grandpa. He looked at me. "You must be Hadley"

I could see Maxxie trying to get upstairs but being held back by his mom hugging him. Oh yeah, and I kind of momentarily forgot everything. Like literally everything.

"Uh... yeah. Hi" I smiled, trying not to blush.

"Need sleep. Now" Maxxie grumbled.

His mom looked vaguely upset but kissed him on the cheek and let him go upstairs.

"Good flight?" his grandpa asked and I nodded.

"Can I get you anything?" his mom asked.

"Oh, no I'm good, thanks"

"Oh, right," she smiled almost nervously, "I suppose I should let you get some sleep, then"

I smiled. "I slept on the way over"

She smiled back and I relaxed a little. I wasn’t exactly nervous but come on, it’s two people I don’t know.

"Then maybe you can make yourself comfy in the living room while I make myself a cuppa?" grandpa smiled and walked off before anyone could argue.

I kind of bit my lip for no apparent reason.

"Are you alright?" his mom asked and I blushed slightly.

"Yeah. Force of habit"

She smiled and gestured at the living room. I went in and sat down on the couch, watching as she sat on an armchair opposite me.

"So you're... Cayden's brother, right?"

"Yeah. Youngest in the family" I said, feeling kind of nervous.

Grandpa came in looking a little unimpressed and settled on the other end of the couch. "How young are you?"

Oh God, this is where it all turns to shit. "...Nineteen"

He arched his eyebrow a little, in either surprise or shock. "Not like Max to go for a guy so much younger than him" he looked sort of thoughtful for a second, "you must be pretty special to him"

Maxxie came downstairs at that moment, no doubt after a drink since he went through the living room to get to the kitchen. "Stop talking about me"

He saw me blushing when he walked back through with his drink "and stop embarrassing Hadley" And with that he went back upstairs.

I was still blushing like mad and his grandpa chuckled, making me bite my lip.

"We don't mean to embarrass you... well, dad might," his mom said, glancing at grandpa, "but we just want to make sure you're not gonna hurt Max too"

"Cayden promised me he'd never hurt Max" grandpa grumbled, looking grumpy.

I blushed a tiny bit, not quite believing I was actually going to say it. "Maxxie's the only person I've ever been attracted to..."

"That's... quite impressive" grandpa laughed slightly, "really?"

"Stop it, you'll embarrass him again and have Max yelling at us both"

I managed not to blush even more as I said "Really"

Grandpa smiled.

"I know... I know I'm young and sometimes I do stupid stuff... but I'd never hurt him on purpose"

His mom smiled at that.

"You're alright, kid. Just don't fuck off with someone else the way Alex did and I think we'll get along" grandpa said. I guess nobody told him Cayden cheated on Maxxie as well.

"Dad! Don't swear"

"Oh, lighten up" he chuckled and said to me "I swear she's more suited to the fifties than I ever was"

I laughed as she tried not to scowl.

"Well, I'd better go. Peter's waiting in the car for me" he sighed a little.

Grandpa looked kind of irritated at the mention of him and I bit my lip again, trying not to frown.

She stood up. "I hope you enjoy your stay in London. And that Max behaves" she smiled and walked out.

I smiled weakly at grandpa. I really should find out their names.

"You don't mind if I sleep in one of the spare rooms tonight do you? I don't much fancy walking back home in the dark" he asked, looking out of one of the windows.

"Sure, go for it" I said and laughed slightly, "I'm hardly in a position to say no anyway"

He shrugged. "The place is Max's. You're Max's boyfriend. You have as much right to kick me out as he does"

I smiled slightly. That was his opinion. I’d just feel rude kicking someone out of somewhere that wasn’t even mine.

"So tell me about yourself a bit more. All I know is you're Cayden's brother, your name's Hadley and your my grandson's boyfriend. There must be more to know than that" he smiled and drank some of his tea.

"Um..." I laughed kind of nervously. "There's not really much to tell"

"C'mon, there must be something"

I thought about it for a while. "I like climbing trees... And I don't really like living in Hollywood..." That’s it?

"Where would you like to live instead?"

"Florida, maybe"

He smiled slightly. "Why Florida?"

I sighed contentedly. "Because it's warm and has beaches" And isn’t filled with wannabe celebrities.

He chuckled. "Doesn't sound like you're a fan of the cold. I hope you bought plenty of warm clothes"

I blushed a tiny bit. "The warmest thing I own is a hoodie" Which I forgot to pack.

He smiled a little. "Get Maxxie to take you shopping, then. I dunno how long you're staying here, but if you're not used to the cold, it'll still be a good idea"

I smiled. This was nice. I never had a grandpa. He died before I was old enough to remember him and Mom’s dad did a runner before she was born so he’s out of the picture.

"One more question and I promise I'll stop being granddadish. How'd you get to like Max if you've never liked anyone else?"

I bit my lip as I thought about it. What was it about Maxxie that attracted me to him? He’s gorgeous, but it wasn’t how he looked. It wasn’t his personality or how he acts. Seriously?

"I... I don't really know how"

He hummed thoughtfully.

"Why? If you don't mind me asking"

"Just wondered what it was about Max that'd caught your attention" he shrugged and smiled.

I thought about it again but still couldn’t come up with anything. "I don't think it was anything in particular... Just him"

"Well, I hope it works out between you and Max better than it did between him and Cayden or Alex" he smiled again and looked at his cup. "All this talking's made my tea go cold" he chuckled and got up, "still don't want anything?"

I shook my head and he went off into the kitchen. I don’t get what the English see in tea. And I’ve heard English coffee is just pure shit. I think I’ll play it safe til I find out what soda they have over here. Maybe I can find out when I go to get some decent winter clothes. Man, I’m just gonna feel guilty for spending his money again.

The End

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