Maxxie: vow of silenceMature

As I walk back to my apartment, I frown to myself. The whole way. Because there's something that Cay isn't telling me. I don't care what he says about that diary - it's not his. I sigh, shaking my head to clear it, taking the stairs up to my apartment instead of the lift.

I find Hadley in the kitchen, making a sandwich. I wipe the frown from my face and smile, settling on the sofa.

"How is he?"

"He's still being quiet." He frowns a little, walking over to sit with me.

"Find out why?" I just shake my head. He frowns some more and chows down on his sandwich. I sigh. "He probably just misses home or something."

"Yeah... anyways, you looking forward to London?"

"Will it be cold?"

"Umm..." I think for a moment. Is the beginning of November cold to me over there? "Probably to you."

"Then I'm not looking forward to it," he giggles.

"S'okay," I grin, "I'll keep you warm." He cuddles up to me. At least, he cuddles up to me as best he can with a plate and sandwich. I put my arm around him and go back to panicking about meeting up with the motherand listening as Hadley hums.

"How long d'you reckon the place'll take to sell?"

"No idea. It's a nice area, though... shouldn't take too long."

"Gonna see your family?"ugh.

"They'll probably be at the house waiting for me, knowing my granddad. Hopefully, my dad won't decide to join them." Hadley gives me this sort of nervous laugh. "Don't worry. He'd probably rather cut off his own balls than see me ever again." It's a mutual feeling.


"What?" I ask, a little bit confused. Ouch about how my dad feels about me? Or... am I being slow?

"Sounds painful," he giggles and I smile. "Let me guess, they'll be bitching about Cayden at some point."

"Oh, I doubt it. Granddad might grumble about it a bit, but I doubt much'll be said about him." After all, my mum would still rather I wasn't gay, and since I'm visiting twice in one year, she'll do as much as possible to stop me from flying off the handle at her. He hums slightly.

"Good. He might be a dick most of the time but he's still my brother." I nod, watching as he puts his plate on the floor. Sitting back up, he cuddles up to me properly and I hug him there.

"Reckon they'll like me?"

"I think so. Granddad might be a bit weird at first ‘cause you're Cay's brother, and mum would prefer it if I wasn't gay at all, let alone bringing my boyfriend with me, but they'll warm up to you." If I give them time to. He cuddles a little more and I bite my lip a bit. "You okay?"

"I didn't know cuddling meant something was wrong," he smirks and I shrug. He pecks me on the lips, humming as I kiss back. He yawns slightly when I snuggle into him and I smile, getting comfy. See, why can't I just stay here? Do I really want to sell the house that much?

"Remind me to get a job when we get back. Being your housewife is boring."

"I did offer you my old job, y'know," I chuckle.

"Something tells me they would've replaced you by now."

"Yup. You were too slow, gorgeous." I've been past a few times on my journeys to and from the hospital to see how Damien's doing. They've replaced me with a girl with pink hair and a nose ring. Damien seems very happy with this arrangement. I'm happier with the arrangement where I still get free coffee.

"I'll just have to find somewhere else then, eh?"

"Mmm. So long as you don't become one of those house cleaners."

"I might do that just to spite you," he laughs. I resist the urge to twitch and scowl instead. He grins and I poke him in the ribs. Sharply. He giggles slightly. "Yes?"

"If you become a cleaner, I'm disowning you."

"You can't disown me," he says, sticking his tongue out.

"I'll never speak to you again, it's as good as disowning you."

"Oh no, the horror," he smirks. I huff. Silently. He prods me. And when I say nothing, he prods me again. I glance at him and be breaks out the puppy eyes. Huh. Maybe if you swear on pain of death not to become a cleaner, I'll reconsider my silence. He bites his lip innocently, keeping up the puppy eyes. I cross my arms, but lean into him a little. "Speak," he says, still giving me the puppy eyes. Nuh. He prods me again and it kinda tickles a bit. I wriggle in an effort to move myself away from the prodding finger.

Only... he starts to tickle me. I wriggle some more, clamping my mouth shut in an effort not to whine or say anything about it.

"Say something and I'll stop." Or I could do what I did when I was a kid and make myself go completely limp like I'd just passed out. I'm about to do that when I fall off the sofa. So that didn't quite go to plan. But still. I'm momentarily away from his tickling. He smiles and keeps tickling me. I whine, not doing a very good job of escaping.

Help, anyone?


The End

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