I chinked my glass to hers, and looked at my friend. Girlfriend. I dunno, the exact details of what had just happened kind of escaped me. But we were together. And she was happy to take things slow, the thing I had wanted for such a long time now. I trailed a pattern on her arm with my finger as we sat on the sofas in the club. She giggled.

My only wish was that she turned out to be the person I thought she was, and I was pretty sure she was. Kind, caring, sexy, with a bit of an attitude and a lot of mouldability. She was new at this, so that was guaranteed. And the fun thing is, I actually do like her. It's not like a forced in to it thing, I really do want to date her. And who knows what may come out of it?

Hopefully something good. And it will be exciting getting to know someone elses turn on spots, favourite things to do, places to eat, everything that we share in common that has changed since college. It's nice, knowing her, but not knowing her as I will get to know her through being in a relationship.

"You want another drink?" She asked.

"Yeah, alright." She grinned, taking my glass and going to the bar. I watched her walk off, admiring her curves. Yes, I think this could work. I'm certainly not going to mess it up like I did with Annie.

My new drink was on the table. I looked up.

"Thanks gorgeous." Ranette grinned and sat next to me again. "Do you want to dance again?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure. Let's finish these drinks first though."

"Obviously." I grinned and she tickled me. We sat and drank for a while, laughing and joking away. Then I got up and pulled her on to the dance floor.

"You know you're beautiful don't you?"



"You're not too bad yourself though."

"Thanks." We swayed and I kissed her nose gently. "This is nice. It feels, good."

"Yeah, it does."

The End

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