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Maybe I was just imagining things after all. Still, it pays to be cautious, right? I leant back on the couch and yawned from a combination of boredom and sudden tiredness.

"You alright there?" Maxxie asked and I smiled slightly.

"Just bored"

"Mmm. Well, Cay still doesn't have his candy."

"What time do visiting hours end?"

"Fuck knows. I just wait til I'm kicked out, usually."

I laughed.

"Where did the candy go anyways?"

"I put it in the fridge"

He stood up to get it. "C'mon, then. It's not such a long walk really"

I got up and yawned again, quite liking the idea of sending Maxxie off on his own and taking a nap.

"We can get a coffee on the way, if you want"

I shook my head. "I'm good" Coffee doesn’t seem to work on me anyway.

He took my hand. I squeezed back and he smiled as we set off towards the hospital. After a while I noticed he was humming something to himself. I listened to him with a smile til he noticed and stopped, blushing.

"Why'd you stop?"

He shrugged and I gave him a tiny smile. He pecked me on the lips and I smiled properly, slipping an arm round his waist. I felt his arm slip round my waist and he started humming again as we walked to the hospital.


Cayden was writing in his diary when we got there. He hadn’t noticed us walk in so he was still deep in concentration when we wandered over to his bed.

"Skeleboy's gotten quite attached to his diary then" Maxxie said, smiling.

Cayden looked up and smiled at the both of us.

"Being polite about the docs in there, I hope"


Maxxie smiled again and Cayden went back to his diary, no doubt finishing off a sentence. Maxxie flopped into what I guess is his usual seat. I chose to lean against the wall and kind of look at my feet. He passed me the candy and pushed me towards Cayden.

He smiled at me. "Trick or treat?"

I gave him the candy and didn’t really say anything. Why is it when I come visit with Maxxie I always end up giving Cayden the silent treatment and wishing I never came?

"Oh, c'mon, Bunny. Be a    bit     more enthusiastic"

"Bunny?" Cayden asked.

"Oops," Maxxie giggled slightly, "me and Caleb started calling him Bunny when we were drunk."

Cayden laughed. "I was a little worried for a second, there"

"About what?"

"Well, when a guy's boyfriend happens to be your little brother and he calls him "Bunny"..."

Maxxie chuckled a little. "It's just a nickname. It suits him. But he wouldn't dress up as a playboy bunny for halloween" h giggled and Cayden pulled a serious face, though I think it was fake.


"I nearly did instead" Maxxie mumbled "he got me in a dress, though"

"Please tell me there's a photo"

He grumbled.

"That's not an answer"

"I looked better as a playboy bunny" he was still grumbling.

"Max Fuller, give me a straight answer"

"There might be, but not for much longer"

"No way, bro, you're showing me first"

"Nuh uh"

"Uh huh"




"Pretty please?"

Maxxie scowled at him.

"Hadley, help me out here"

I looked up from my feet, which I’d been glancing at since we walked through the door. "Wha?"

Maxxie was still scowling.

"Your boyfriend's being mean to me" Cayden sulked.

"Don't get me involved"

Maxxie was still scowling.

"Pfft, I don't need either of you" Cayden sulked even more.

"I'm deleting those pictures the moment we get home" Maxxie said to no one in particular.

Cayden completely ignored it. "Hey, are you guys gonna be here for Christmas?"

"Well I wasn't planning on going anywhere"

"Thought you were going to London"

"Yeah, but not for Christmas, silly"

He grinned. "Guess who's coming over for Christmas"

Maxxie gave him a blank look. "Santa"

Cayden rolled his eyes. "Very funny, wise guy"

"Please tell me Santa's coming" Maxxie said with a hopeful face.

Cayden sighed. "Besides Santa" he turned to me, "Might wanna listen in, sport"

He thought for a second. "Ava?"

Cayden nodded. "And her fella"

Maxxie smiled. "Any other Smiths I haven't met yet, apart from Ava?"

Now it was Cayden’s turn to think. I didn’t actually know he was capable of such a thing. "Well, I guess there's Granny..."

"No one else?"

"I don't think so..."

He hummed.

Cayden turned to me again. "You talk to Aves more than me, she mention any big news to you?"

I shook my head. I haven’t spoken to Ava in over a month, Cayden...

 "She said something about her and Ryan having a big announcement to make"

I shrugged. "Maybe he proposed"

"I thought he already did..."

I nodded. "And she said no"

"She said no and he stuck around?"

"Just 'cause she said no, didn't mean he had to give up on her altogether" Maxxie finally decided to join in.

"I would've" Cayden said bluntly.

Maxxie frowned a tiny bit.


"Well... if you loved someone enough to propose, why would you give up on them just because they said no? Wouldn't they be worth the effort in the end?"

Cayden shrugged and Maxxie frowned a teensy bit more but didn’t say anything else on the matter. Or in general. I stared at my feet, sensing the conversation was over and Maxxie sighed a little. I glanced up in time to see Cayden arch an eyebrow. Oh, and in time to see Maxxie glance at me and scowl a bit. Wow, thanks. I think I preferred looking at my feet.

"Trouble in paradise?" Cayden asked.

"No. I just wish Bunny would do more talking to his brother than staring at his feet" Maxxie prodded my leg.

I sort of looked up and shrugged. Dude, you don’t scowl at someone cause they’re being quiet.

"Don't worry about it, Max" Cayden said. See, he knows what to expect when I visit him. Obviously. Well done, Hadley, you just made yourself sound like an idiot.

"Can't help it. I'm good at worrying."

He chuckled. "He talks more on his own"

"Well I can go get a coffee..."

"I don't mind"

Maxxie stood. "Want anything?

Both me and Cayden shook our heads and Maxxie wandered off to go get something to drink. I think I said maybe five or six words to Cayden in his absence.

“I hope you get out soon”

The End

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