Maxxie: breaching the walls of the fort.Mature

I watch as Alex knocks on the door, his Caleb toy clutched tightly in one hand. I'm trying to ignore the mess on the floor and the fact that Hadley is probably kinda concerned by my clinginess. Honestly? I don't know. Y'know when you just get those moods where all you wanna do is be quiet and hug the guy you love? I guess it's that. The small frown on Hadley's face says he thinks something's up, but there really isn't. If there is, I don't know it yet.

"Caleb," Alex says when the door isn't opened for him, "I fucking love it, now let me in you little nerd." The door opens and Alex wraps his arms around him, kissing him, no doubt with a grin on his face. Caleb returns both the hug and the kiss. "Thank you," he says, still grinning.

"You seriously like it, right?"

"Yeah!" he planted another kiss on Caleb's lips, "I'm a sucker for homemade stuff." Caleb grins and Alex looks at the doll again. "Didn't know you could sew, though."

"S'what happens when your mom wanted a girl," he shrugs. Alex chuckles slightly and glances back at me where I'm still sat with Hadley on my lap and my head on his shoulder.

"Wanna go grab a room at that motel again?" He asks, earning a hum from Caleb.

"You know me so well." Oh please. Anyone with half a brain cell can figure out what you two are after. Alex takes his hand, still holding onto his doll in the other and picks up the car key.

"Later," he smiles. Caleb giggles slightly as they close the door behind him. I just stare at the fort and the mess Caleb made.

"D'you think he'll kill me if I take that down now?"

"Probably but he'll get over it after five minutes."

"That's good." I murmur, eyeing it.

"Might wanna clear it out first though." I think he did most of that himself. I kiss his shoulder and shuffle out from under him carefully, moving over to the mess. I start cleaning up and after a couple of minutes, Hadley speaks again. "Want a hand?"

"Sure," I shrug, "you can put some music on if you like," I mutter, dragging the spare duvet out and shaking it off. He smirks.

"Good or bad music?"

"Any music," I smile. After a couple of moments, I hear All Time Low pumping out of my speakers again and I chuckle slightly, pulling apart the fort. It was almost sad to see it go, but it was going to drive me slightly insane if it stayed much longer.

And no, I'm not insane already.

Either way I get into my OCD cleaning habits and Hadley sort of attempts to help, but I keep getting in his way, bless him.

What started out as just taking down the fort and cleaning up Caleb's mess turned into... well, I cleaned the whole apartment. Hadley quickly learnt that he should leave me to it as I buzzed around, humming ATL and being my OCD self. Eventually I finish in the kitchen and with a glass of water, I lean back on the counter to enjoy it.

"Is it safe to move yet?" I giggle, glancing over at Hadley.

"You're safe." He smiles. When he doesn't move, I bounce over to him and sit on him, earning a pretend frown and a hug.

"Much better," I murmur, snuggling into him, smiling at the weird feeling the hum he gives where my head's pressed to his chest. His fingers tangle gently in my hair and I slide my arms around his waist, smiling to myself.

"You're kinda heavy," he sort of mumbles after a while.

"Oh, sorry," I mutter, shifting to get off him.

"You sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine," I smile, sliding off his lap onto the sofa next to him. He still doesn't look convinced, but as I kiss him, he kisses back, so he can't be that uncertain, surely. I find myself kissing a little bit harder, with Hadley's arms winding around my neck. When we pull apart, I smile and hum happily. 


The End

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