Hadley: Mini CalebMature

Maxxie was being alarmingly clingy all of a sudden. Was it because Alex and Caleb were all but fucking on the couch next to him? Or was it something else? Was it something I did? Hang on, chill out, Hadley. Remember what happened last time you started thinking like that? Yeah, don’t want a repeat of that...

I was still sat on Maxxie’s lap, playing with his hair, when Caleb slid off Alex’s lap and crawled into his fort. I heard him whining earlier about his candy and realised I’d forgotten to slip some of my Halloween candy in as replacement. Oh well, I’d just have to buy him some. I cuddled up to him a little and he hummed, smiling a little more than he already was. Caleb’s mumbling drifted out of the fort and Maxxie and Alex both looked over. Maxxie only looked vaguely interested whereas Alex looked amused.

"Hadley, did you move my stuff?" Caleb whined.

"I never touched anything" I said sort of quietly. That wasn’t entirely the truth, I did kind of tidy up in there a little bit.

"What was even in there?" Alex asked.

"Everything but the kitchen sink"

He raised his eyebrows slightly.

"Seriously. If it's not bolted down, it's probably in there"

"Sounds like Maxxie's gonna have fun clearing all that up" he laughed.

"More like me" I mumbled.

"Why you?"

"He never seems to clean"

"I do clean" Maxxie mumbled.

Alex nodded. "When he cleans, he cleans like he's got OCD"

I flashed them a sort of disbelieving look.

"Trust me, once the fort comes down, you'll witness the OCD"

"Or you can look at the oven. Only OCD people clean their oven more than once a decade" Maxxie said and I chuckled.

"Mom must have extreme OCD then"

"Oh and Max's pet hate is hiring a cleaner" Alex chuckled.

"I'll keep it in mind"

"Good plan" he smiled "he'd murder you fifty times over in his head if you hired someone else to clean the place. I did once. He refused to talk to me for ages"

Maxxie smiled slightly and I laughed, partly at that and partly at the fact that random objects started flying out of the fort. Maxxie twitched a little and glared at the mess that was gradually piling up. I squeezed him a little and he hummed.

Alex grinned. "Caleb, keep the mess where Max can't see it. You're gonna give him a mental break down"

Caleb kept on throwing stuff out of the fort and Maxxie closed his eyes with a sigh.

Alex laughed a bit. "See? Told you he can be a clean freak" he said and I smiled.

"Hide all you want, I    will     find you" Caleb

Alex chuckled and I rolled my eyes. He watched as more things flew out of the fort and Maxxie was mysteriously quiet. Eventually Caleb wriggled out of the fort, a huge grin pressed on his face. Alex looked up.

"I found it" Caleb said and Alex smiled.

Caleb went back over and sat on his lap again. Alex hugged him and he hugged back but didn’t actually give him whatever it was he’d been looking for. Alex broke out the puppy dog eyes.

"Maybe if you ask nicely..."

"Pretty please?"

He buried his head in Alex’s neck and Alex huggled him.

"It's embarrassing" Caleb mumbled.

He kissed his neck. "I'm sure it's not"

"It is"

"Then why not give it to me in there?" he said, gesturing at the fort.

Caleb grinned and ignored it when Alex arched an eyebrow at him, choosing instead to stand up and pull Alex into the fort. Maxxie watched the two of them and I started drawing random shapes on his neck. He shivered slightly and hummed. So I smiled and kept on doing it. He smiled too and Caleb came back out of the fort, shuffling off to the bathroom.

"What's he doing?" Maxxie asked, bemused.

"No idea. I wanna know what this thing is anyway"


“Alex" I said innocently.

"Yeah?" he asked, poking his head out of the fort.

"What was it?"

He held up a little plushie doll that looked kinf of like Caleb. It had buttons for eyes and some stylishly cut bright orange felt for hair. It wore a little t-shirt and jeans and had a smile that was either drawn or sewn on. I knew Caleb could sew but...

"It's gorgeous. Where's he gone?" Alex said, smiling at it.


He crawled out of the fort with his mini Caleb and went to find him.

"How do they manage to be so gross yet so cute at the same time?" I asked Maxxie. Really, I have no idea how they do it.

"Beats me" he smiled.

I cuddled up to him, humming as he hugged me a bit tighter. See, again with the unusual clinginess. Sure we’re pretty much constantly cuddling each other but something about it today was kind of off.

"I love you" he said seemingly without thinking. Okay, that’s slightly worrying.

I smiled and kissed him anyway, humming when he kissed back.

"You okay? You've been kinda quiet..." I asked after a while.

"Yeah. Sorry I didn't mean to worry you or anything"

I wasn’t entirely convinced but I didn’t push it. After all, if something was bugging him, he didn’t have to tell me. It might be none of my business, y’know? He smiled and I cuddled him again, shivering when he kissed my neck. He kissed there a couple more times and went back to resting his head on my shoulder. I kissed the top of his head but couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

The End

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